SAT100 Satellite Modems Provides Improved Real-Time Groundwater Monitoring

SCADALink SAT100 and SAT120 Modems offer improved next generation communications for Real-Time Surface & Ground Water Monitoring Sites.

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The Need for Remote Communications for Real-Time Surface and Groundwater Monitoring

Surface and ground water monitoring sites operated by government and industry are typically located over wide dispersed areas. Many of these sites are located in difficult to access terrain. They could be located in muskeg, forests, desert or mountainous terrain requiring hazardous, time consuming and costly travel by Argo, Quad, Snowmobile, Boat, or Helicopters to perform manual reading, data logger downloads or for system maintenance of  real time data monitoring sites. There is increasing use of real time monitoring systems in these applications.

Traditionally, real time communications for remote surface and groundwater monitoring data logger systems have been private radio networks (VHF,UHF, and unlicensed spread spectrum), GOES satellite networks; or more recently cellular networks.  Monitoring networks that are sparse and separated by longer distances, do not support deployment of private radio networks. Groundwater monitoring sites may also located in areas not reliably served by cellular communications networks. Thus there is a need for a reliable and ubiquitous communications solution.

SCADALink SAT100 and SAT120 Satellite Modems

SCADALink SAT100 Satellite and SAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cell Modems that operate on the Inmarsat IsatData Pro Network offer high reliable communications in areas without reliable terrestrial communications; and improved communications in areas with traditional communication options.

The SAT1xx Modems operate on the SatSCADA Platform offering full transparent communications to data loggers and smart instruments. Additionally SAT1xx RTU/Modems have direct I/O support that can allow direction connection to level sensors.

Geosynchronous Satellite Network with Alway On Connection

SAT100 and SAT120 Modem operate on the Geosynchronous (GEO) Inmarsat network ensuring an Always On connection with no periods where communication is unavailable. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) based satellite systems may have period where communications is unavailable.

Inmarsat Gloabl Satellite Coverage Map

World Wide Operation

The Inmarsat Based Geosynchronous Satellite communication technology enables worldwide coverage without reconfiguration, re-provisioning and recommissioning. Systems can be deployed worldwide using the same equipment configuration. This ensures that surface and ground water monitoring systems can be shipped fully tested and operational. This solutions allows equipment standardization for companies operating on global basis and insuring rapid deployment.

Low Power Operation

Low power operation ensures remote sites can be solar or battery powered, and minimizes the chance of remote power system failure causing communication and systems outages. Low power operation minimizes the size and cost of remote power system.

Two Way Satellite Communications

SAT100/SAT120 modems provide full two way communications that can be initiated from the remote site or from the office. This enables operation of scheduled reporting, event triggered reporting, or on demand reporting.  Reporting schedules can be changed remotely as the application requires.

Two way communications allow remote system configuration and maintenance. In addition, two way communications allows system to be used for remote control or to even initiate remote equipment power reset if required.

High Reliable System and Networks

The high reliable Inmsarsat satellite network and SAT1xx terminal equipment ensure maximum system uptime, and reduction in field trips to troubleshoot communications.

Small Omni Antenna Systems

Small omni directional antennae systems reduce trouble of antenna misalignment and damage due to harsh weather events and vandalism. SAT1xx modems operations eliminates that need and cost of large antenna structures.

Network Diversity and Redundancy

SAT120 dual mode operation on satellite and cell networks offer redundancy against scheduled or unplanned network outages of cellular or satellite networks.

Cellular networks can be affected by congestion during special events, weather related emergency, or increased traffic. Cell networks can have limited availability during large scale flood event emergencies when real-time water monitoring is critical due to the increased voice traffic in the affected area from residents and emergency responders.

Oil and gas development areas with increased cellular traffic may experience reduced cellular network availability due to network congestion.  Voice and cellular data communication have been affected by deployment of cellular enhancement repeaters which can blind cellular tower networks to  traffic from weaker signal sources.




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