• SatSCADAAquifer Pumping TestMonitoring System



The SatSCADA Pump Test Monitoring System is designed to provide real time monitoring and logging of Aquifer Pumping Tests at remote sites.

SatSCADA Pump Test System consists of SatSCADA Pump Test Field Hub with Satellite/Cellular communications & Wireless Sensor Nodes suppported by the SatSCADA Server platform. The SatSCADA Pump Test system features:

  • Onsite Data Logging
  • Wired & Wireless Sensor Connectivity
  • Satellite/Cellular System Connectivity
  • Local Web Browser Access via WiFi
  • Hosted Data Visualization and Archival on the SatSCADA Server
  • Alarm Notifications via SMS/Email/Voice Callout
  • Smartphone / Web Browser Access on SatSCADA GUI.

SatSCADA Pump Test monitors the following Pump Test Parameters.

  • Pumping Well Water Level
  • Pumping Well Flow Rate
  • Observation Well(s) Water Levels (x N Wells)
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Daily, Hourly Flow Volumes

SatSCADA Remote Aquifer Pumping Test Monitoring System with Wired and Wireless Sensors

Hardwired sensors  connect directly to the Field Unit.  Wireless sensors nodes are used to connect remote instruments from remote observation wells.

AutoSave_Pumpmash-Wire 3D drawing


SatSCADA Remote Aquifer Pumping Test Monitoring System with Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors nodes are used for all sensors.

Pump Test Field Unit

The SatSCADA Pump Test Field Unit is complete packaged field data acquisition system for monitoring pump tests.  It includes data logger system with wired and wireless sensors connected by satellite/cellular to a SatSCADA host.

Pump Test Field UnitData Taker-Panel

Wired and Wireless Sensor Connectivity

Wired and Wireless Sensor Connectivity  provides flexibility in deployment.  Wired connections would be used where they can easily to connect directly to Pump Test RTU.  Battery powered wireless sensors nodes can be used to connect remote sensors at observation wells where cable connectivity is impractical due to distance or terrain; or where rapid deployment is required.

Wireless Sensor - Flow TransmittersGraoundwater Level-SensorWellhead-Pump testing

Flexible Sensor Interfaces

The system  supports interface to industry standard sensor and instrument types including  analog ( 4-20ma, 1-5 VDC sensors) and digital (RS485-Modbus, SDI-12) allowing maximum flexibility. Existing field instruments and/or rental instruments can be connected to the SatSCADA Pump Test Monitoring System. Level sensors can be gauge or absolute.  The system can be interfaced to all common industry flow meters including turbine, ultrasonic, and mag flow.

Satellite/Cellular System Connectivity

Wireless network connectivity via Satellite, Cellular, or Sat/Cellular ensures connectivity for monitoring pump tests at even the most remote sites.  With operation on the Global Inmarsat Satellite network and global roaming on cellular networks, the system is accessible anywhere.

Local Data Logger

Pump test data is stored onsite in a local field data logger. The data logger system provides recording of all test parameters in a single consistent log file. Log files can be transferred by USB download and by manual or automatic FTP transfer .

Local LCD/Keypad

A local LCD/Keypad allows monitoring of Pump Test operation without need for a computer. This is particularly valuable for the setup and testing at sites with harsh conditions.

File Transfer via FTP or USB Download

Data log files can be transferred manually or automatically via FTP.  Alternately data log files can be locally downloaded from the Pump Test panel via a USB memory stick.

Web Browser Access for  Local Viewing Real Time and Trend Data

The Pump Test system can be monitored locally at the test site via Web Browser Access via WiFi or cable connectivity; or remotely over the internet.  This allows the test operator to monitor system operation from a job shack or their service truck.

Onsite USB Data Downlaod  Data Logger

Pump Test – SatSCADA Server Support

Cloud Hosted Data Viewing and Archival on the SatSCADA Server

Hosted data monitoring and archival via the SatSCADA Server ensures that pump tests are retrieved in timely manner, stored securely, and easily accessible.   SatSCADA server hosting provides secure remote access to multiple users. Data can be exported in CSV formats for use in other applications.

SatSCADA Web Client

The SatSCADA web client provides secure remote web browser and smartphone access of SatSCADA Pump Test system operation.  The web client can provide real time, trend, and map views of all Pump Test units in the fleet. The SatSCADA web client operates on web browser on computers, laptop, tablet, or smartphones.

Login with Smartphone

SatSCADA Web Client Tag View-Pump Testing   SatSCADA Web Client Trend View-Pump Testing   SatSCADA Web Client Mapping - Pump Testing






Time/Labor Savings

With SCADALink Pump Test there would no longer the need to manually download and collate data logs from individual instruments.  All pump test data is integrated in single file and single system view.

Increase Data Reliability

Pump tests are monitored in real time. Problems can be detected immediately. Data collected in a single file insures time correspondence. Remote access allows supervisors to monitor and assist field staff  with pump test setup and operation.

Rapid Project Turnaround

Pump test data is available in real time allowing immediate analysis and reporting after completion of pumping tests.

Data Security and Availability

Local data logging with accessible via USB download and FTP transfer insuring data availability under all conditions.  If instruments with integral data logging are used;  the instrument data logs can be downloaded and imported into the Pump Test data base if required.  The instrument log data may have higher time resolution, or can be used to fill in missing data due to cable or system malfunctions.

Rapid Deployment

With wireless satellite/cellular and sensor connectivity the system is easy to deploy in the field.



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