• Wireless Sensor Networks can be deployed to monitor Groundwater Monitoring Well Clusters to enable rapid and cost effective system deployments.


SatSCADA Real Time Groundwater Monitoring Systems with Wireless Sensor Networks

A SatSCADA Wireless Sensor Network can be deployed to monitor a cluster of Groundwater Observation Wells.

Monitoring Well clusters may be a 2 wells; or it could be a network of  50 to 100 of monitoring wells in a geographic area.  Monitoring wells may be located 100 feet away from each other; or could be located up to several miles away.

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Monitoring In-Accessible or Unsafe Locations

Monitoring wells may be located in in-accessible or unsafe locations;  in marsh, by a river bank, or near a roadway.  Remote monitoring of observation well is desireable in these cases. Use of of Wireless Sensor Networks provide a cost effective method to monitor a group of wells without deploying a individual data logger / RTU at each site, or without running wires to site from a central site.

Wireless Sensor Nodes

The Wireless Sensor Network consists of a SatSCADA RTU with Wireless Gateway at a central location, and one Wireless Sensor Node at each remote observation well. Each Wireless Sensor Node can connect to the Analog (4-20ma, 1- 5VDC) or Modbus Sensors at individual observation wells.  Wireless Sensor Nodes are compact wireless battery powered systems, allowing cost effective rapid installation at each monitoring well, with wireless sensor unit easily attached to the casing protector. Wireless sensor nodes can located 1 mile from a Wireless Hub; Wireless Repeaters can be located up to 4 miles from the Wireless Gateway.

Wireless Sensor Notes for Groundwater - Site Map


Observation Well Clusters

The Wireless Sensor nodes provide a cost effective  method to monitor group of wells without running wires to all the site from the central node. Wireless Sensor Nodes communicate to the central SatSCADA Gateway which provides a Satellite or Satellite/Cellular Link to SatSCADA Server and user access to the data.

SAT100 connect wireless sensor nodes


Observation Well Cluster in the Field

Cluster of Groundwater Monitoring Wells



Wireless Sensor Nodes for Ground Water Monitoring

Battery Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes were used in a recent Groundwater Monitoring Project. In this application, 7 Wireless Sensor Nodes connected to level sensors were used to communicate a single Wireless Gateway Hub which communicated to the SCADALink SCADA host via cellular communications.

Each one of Wireless Sensor Nodes as shown can communicate to a Central Wireless Gateway Hub up to 1 mile away. Repeaters can extend the distance up to 4 miles. Use of Multiple Repeaters can enable coverage of a wider area.

Wireless Sensor Nodes as shown allow rapid deployment without trenching.  The Wireless Sensors Nodes communicating to a central hub allows cost effective deployment as only a single node requires cellular or satellite service.

Wireless Sensors Nodes can interface to standard industrial sensors used in groundwater monitoring including Analog (4-20ma, 1-5V) or Digital (Modbus, Hart) sensors. In this application, submersible level transmitters with Modbus protocol were used.

Groundwater-Sensor Node-001

Groundwater-Sensor Node-002   Groundwater-Sensor Node-003

Groundwater-Sensor Node-004