Wireless Cloud Connectivity for Industrial Weighing Systems

Monitoring Conveyor Weighing Operation is important in Manufacturing and Mining  Operations. Weighing and PLC Systems are used to control conveyor systems that load and unload bulk materials as shown in Figure 1.

SCADALink SAT130 IoT Gateway  (A)  and SatSCADA Cloud Infrastructure  (B)  can provide a flexible solution in providing Enterprise Access to remote Industrial Weighing Systems.

Figure 1 

Connectivity to Weighing Systems

SAT130 Gateway provides multiple interface options including Serial (RS232, RS485),  Ethernet (Wired or WiFi), or Hardwire (DI, DO, AI & AO),  to the Weighing System. The Serial or Ethernet Interface can interface to Weighting Systems via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol; or via ASCII protocols.

Wireless WAN

The SAT130 with Wireless WAN Interfaces via Satellite, Cellular and WiFi enable remote connectivity from field scales and controllers to the Enterprise even from the most remote sites.

Edge Device Intelligence

Data Concentration, Data Logging, Protocol Conversion, and FTP functions in the SAT130 can provide secure connectivity to control systems with minimal or no changes to the existing systems.  The SAT130 Gateway supports IP Camera Interfacing for video monitoring and alarming.

Flexible, Secure Interfacing to Customer Systems

The SAT130 and SatSCADA can provide an easy interface to SCADA Hosts (C2), ERP Systems (C3), and SatSCADA Web Client (C1) interfaces.  The customer can communicate directly with equipment via the SatSCADA or via SatSCADA Client or Web Services. The SatSCADA Cloud Platform provides complete connectivity deployment and management.





Monitor Continuous or Batch Weight Measurements from the Weighting Systems

  • Instantaneous Weigh
  • Rate – Tons/Hours
  • Daily /Hourly Totals – Pound-Tons/Hour
  • Batch Totals – Pounds/Ton
  • Scale Operation Status

Allow Enterprise Access to Weigh Information for:

  • Trending
  • Data Archival
  • Reporting
  • Data Analytics
  • Operational Dashboards

The SAT130 IIot Gateway provides complete Enterprise Connectivity to Weighing Systems.




  • Mining
  • Rock Crushing
  • Bulk Material Manufacturing
  • Loading/Unloading Operations




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