Interfacing SatSCADA Satellite Terminals to SCADA Host Systems

SAT1xx satellite based terminals and the SatSCADA Platform can easily be connected to industry standard SCADA host systems. This page provides an overview of the use of SCADALink SAT1xx terminals with SCADA host systems using the SatSCADA Platform.

Simultaneous Modem,RTU & Alarm Callout Operation

SCADALink SAT1xx Terminals can provide simultaneous  Modem, RTU, and Alarm Callout Operation.

PassThru Data Communication Operation

Used with SCADA Systems, SAT1xx Terminals, can be used as Modems for PassThru Data Communications; or as an RTU with it integrated I/O  and Modbus Master/Slave as a Data Concentrator.

The SAT1xx terminals can be utilized with or without SatSCADA Web Interface and Alarm Callout function when used with SCADA systems. In this case, the SAT1xx Terminals is used as an Modem/RTU.   Any SAT1xx terminals can still be configured to provide independent alarm callout function and Web Interface in addition to the Modem Function.

SatSCADA Client

The SatSCADA Client (Proxy) software application is provided to allow a secure authenticated interface to the SatSCADA server from the clients LAN network.  HTTPS and Username/Password authentication is used to  provide secure connectivity to the SatSCADA Server from the users SCADA Host.

The SatSCADA Client is to be installed on the SCADA Host computer or another computer within the customer’s LAN as shown below.

The SatSCADA will provide a secure IP interface to the SatSCADA Server and SatSCADA terminals via TCP sockets. This Proxy method allows secure and easy interface to SatSCADA without VPN setup.

SatSCADA Proxy     Remote Monitoring Systems - SCADA Host Monitoring

Polling Modbus Proxy for SAT1xx Alarm Callout Status

Each SAT1xx deployed in Alarm Callout mode can be configured as a Virtual Modbus Device. This method allows SCADA hosts to poll the virtual Modbus Device/register map that stores state matching the field SAT1xx terminal state, without incurring additional satellite airtime charges. Virtual Modbus Devices are addressed on 5xxx series IP ports numbers starting at port number 5001. This method is used to connect SAT1xx terminals deployed as alarm callouts. Registers in the Virtual Modbus Devices are mapped to corresponding alarm callout points.

Modbus RTU Pollling of Modbus Proxy

Polling of SatSCADA RTU and connected RS232/RS485 devices.

The SCADA host systems can communicate directly to remote devices connected to the SAT1xx terminal’s RS232 and RS485 ports when the SAT1xx is used in modem – data pass thru mode.  Each SAT1xx terminal serial ports are addressed as a separate TCP port number. For SatSCADA satellite communications,  poll timeout should be set to 45 seconds as the nominal satellite turn-around time  is 30 to 45 seconds.

The Modbus RTU associated with eachSAT1xxx terminal can be polled if it configured to be accessible on either serial port.

Polling of SatSCADA RTU and Remote RS232RS485 devices




SatSCADA Terminals

The SatSCADA Family of Satellite Terminals include the SAT100, SAT110, & SAT120 Terminals. All terminals provide Modem, RTU, & Alarm Callout Functionality.

SAT100 Satellite Based Remote MonitoringSAT110 Battery Powered Satellite RTU/Alarm CalloutSAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modem
SAT100 TerminalSAT110 Satellite based Alarm Monitoring