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Livestock Water Supply Monitoring

The Problem

Low water level in remotely located livestock water troughs can be caused by pump and generator failures, pipe and tank leaks, damage, and vandalism.  There is need to monitor water supply level to ensure the health of the livestock.  Frequently ranches are located in remote or sparse populated areas not covered by cellular communication.

The Solution

The SCADALInk SAT110 is an ideal solution for monitoring the water level of remote livestock watering systems. Built-in battery with a 2 year battery life ensures that the SAT110 can operate anywhere. The SAT110 has 3 Digital Inputs that can be used to monitor water levels and voltage level for solar, wind, or AC line powered pump systems. The voltage input can be used to monitor the supply voltage of solar powered systems. The SAT110 can install with a minimum of work – simply connect level/ float switches to the onboard digital inputs. When water level is low, the float switch will send an alarm message via email or SMS.  Users can access site information from both a web browser or smartphone.

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System Features

  • Satellite Based for World Wide Operation
  • Battery Powered with up to 2 year Battery Life
  • 3 DI, Supply Voltage Monitoring
  • SatSCADA Server provides Web Browser and Smartphone Access
  • Alarm Notification via Email, SMS Callout, Voice Callout


  • Solar Powered Pump System
  • Wind Powered Pump Systems
  • AC and Generator Powered Pump Systems

Livestock Remote Monitoring Water System   Livestock Monitoring Water System   Solar Powered Water Pump Site

System Diagram

SAT110 System Diagram


SatSCADA RTU for Remote Livestock Water Supply Monitoring Solutions


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