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Offset Well Monitoring

Bentek’s SatSCADA Based Offset Well Monitoring System utilizes the SatSCADA Platorm to Monitor Casing and Tubing Pressure and Tubing Temperatures. The SatSCADA System combines SatSCADA Platform with Wireless Wellhead Sensor Network to provide cost effective monitoring of offset wells.

Offset well monitoring

Wireless Wellhead Sensors

Wireless Sensors allow rapid deployment on well heads.

Offset wellhead                        Wireless Wellhead Sensors

Satellite/Cellular Field Hub

The Field Hub Satellite/Cellular Gateway connects Wireless Wellhead Sensors Nodes to SatSCADA Server.  The Field Hub utilizes satellite and cellular link independent of communications links associated with fracturing operations to ensure trouble free deployment. The field hub is configured to monitor points for wellhead nodes and provide local and remote alarm annunciation on out of range pressure and temperature conditions.  Solar Powered Repeater Nodes can be used to extend the range of coverage of Wireless Sensor Network.

Field Hub

SatSCADA Server

The SatSCADA Server provides the data archival, data visualization, and alarm notification for offset well monitoring. Users can access data from web browser on a computer or smartphone.

Offset well monitoring SatSCADA Server

Data Trending

SatSCADA Web Client Web and Smartphone Access

Alarms Notification

Offset well monitoring Alarm Callout


Solar Powered Repeater Nodes can be used to extend the range of Wireless Sensor Networks.


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