Some PIG Monitoring locations only require minimal I/O (i.e. PIG arrival and pipeline pressure) so implementation of PIG monitoring with full pipeline RTU/SCADA communications systems used at block valve, metering, or compressor & pump stations sites may be prohibitively expensive for this application.  This is especially the case of sites in remote terrain which would require large telecommunication towers or VSAT installations.

SCADALink SAT1xx satellite-based systems can provide cost-effective Pipeline PIG Signalling for remote sites located in rugged terrain. The following diagrams show SAT100 and SAT110 Satellite RTU for PIG Monitoring. A Solar SAT100 can be used for permanent PIG monitoring sites.  The Solar SAT100 can be equipped with pressure transmitters for remote pipeline pressure monitoring at PIG sites in addition to the PIG signal.

Alternatively, a battery powered SAT110 can be used for temporary PIG monitoring sites.

Solar Powered SAT100 RTU for PIG Tracking


SAT110 Remote PIG Tracking

The SAT110 is a battery powered device allowing rapid deployment. SAT110 can may be used for temporary PIG monitoring.


Interface SAT1xx RTU to Existing SCADA Hosts and Station PLC’s

SCADA Hosts and Pump Station PLC/RTUs  can interface to SAT1xx Terminals  via Modbus RTU Protocol via the SatSCADA Modbus Proxy.


Cloud Based Access to PIG Tracking

For the customers that require standalone access to PIG tracking;  SatSCADA Web Access provides a cloud based interface to SAT1xx RTUs.  Alarm Notification of PIG arrival can be via Email, SMS or Voice Notification.

SatSCADA Web access allows monitoring status via smartphone, tablets, laptop, or desktop computer.

PIG Signal Information

SAT1xx and SatSCADA provide the following information:

  • Last 10 PIG Arrival Times
  • Number of PIG Arrivals
  • Pipeline Pressure

This information is available through the SatSCADA Web Interface or via the SatSCADA Modbus Registers.

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