SAT120 & SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular SCADA Communications for Mobile Well Testingproduction-facility-equipment-dual-mode-satellite-cellular-communication

The SCADALink  SAT120 and SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cell  Modem/RTU’s can be a flexible cost-effective communications solutions for Mobile Well Testing connectivity.


1. Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Communication

The SAT120 and SAT130’s Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular communications ensures communications in the most remote areas.  With dual mode communications, cellular will be used as primary communications to provide low cost communications with fail over to satellite communications ensure connectivity at sites without cellular communications. SAT1xx Modems operating on Global Inmarsat satellite network allows worldwide connectivity.

With dual mode communications, cellular can be used as primary communications to provide low cost communications with fail over to satellite communications in remote areas to ensure connectivity at sites with spotty or no cellular communications. SAT120 and SAT130’s  can be configured as Satellite Only, Cell Only or Satellite/Cellular Fail-Over to provide the optimal communication costs. For mobile well testing applications, satellite  may be used in remote locations without cell service.

2. RS232, RS485 and Ethernet Connectivity for RTU, EFM, MVT’s

The SAT120 and SAT130  have RS232 and RS485 Serial Communications connectivity allowing direct connectivity to serial connected EFM and RTU systems.

The SAT130 has Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.

Integrated I/O

Both the  SAT120 and SAT130 and integrated  I/O can be used to connect to additional I/O as needed on well testing and fixed well site applications. The SAT120 and SAT130  has 4 AI/DI/DO which can be used to connect to auxiliary inputs including power failure alarm.

3. Transparent Data Communication for Connection to SCADA Host and Well Test DAQ Systems

The SAT120 and SAT130 allow transparent data communications from SCADA Hosts, Well Testing Applications, and EFM configuration programs to flow computers.  This allows  EFM and RTU to be remotely accessed, polled and downloaded including complete download of data logs and audit trails.

SatSCADA System Diagram – SAT130


EFM & RTU Configuration Support with LOI Override Feature

Scanner 2000

The SAT120 and SAT130 provides complete support of EFM/RTU Configuration Applications.  The SAT120 Config Override Feature allows EFM and RTU  connectivity without termination of SCADA communications connectivity to EFM/RTU.  When RTU/EFM configuration software is connected, SCADA connectivity is temporary overridden. This allows for full remote configuration and maintenance of the connected EFMs. SCADA connectivity is returned once the EFM/RTU configuration application is terminated.

Low Power Operation

The SAT120 and SAT130  feature low power operation.  This allows for operation with solar powered Well Testing Packages.

SAT120 Solar Powered Gateway/Modbus RTUSAT130 Solar Powered Gateway/Modbus RTU with Local Display
sat120-gateway-solar-rtu2SAT130 GATEWAY-SOLAR RTU-Local Display 2

4. SatSCADA Server

SAT120 and SAT130 Modems are supported by the SatSCADA Server Platform provides following features that can be beneficial for Well Testing Implementations:

  • SAT1xx Device Dashboard to Monitor Communications Connectivity
  • Web Dashboard of Configure Tags, Trends, & Alarms
  • SMS, Email, & Voice Alarm Notification
  • GPS Mapping of Well Test Unit/Fleet
  • Historic Data Archival

The SAT120 and SAT130 is supported by the SatSCADA Platform which provides connectivity in addition web alarm callout, data archival, & data visualization. More about SatSCADA…

5. Web Browser and Smartphone Viewing of Tags and Trends

The SatSCADA Web Client provides Tag and Trend Views via web browsers on a computer or smartphone. The Web Client Views are based on points configured in the SAT120.  This feature provides cost effective visibility to key Tag Points on the Well Test Unit.

Web Client Example:

SatSCADA Web Client- Trend View Example    Web Client - PumpMate - Alarm - Devices - View  Web Client Tag Example  SatSCADA Web Client Mapping - Pump Testing

Alarm Notification

Alarm Conditions for Alarm Points configured in the SAT120 and SAT130 will initiate Email, SMS and Voice Notifications from the SatSCADA Server.


The SAT120 can be configured to report Tag Data to the SatSCADA Server on a daily, hourly, or interval schedule; alarm condition, or user demand. These points can be trended by the SatSCADA Web Application.


The following images show a deployment of SCADALink SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cell Modem RTU for use on Portable Well Test Unit to provide remote connectivity. The SCADA Host can communicate to the EFM Systems for Well Test Data Acquisition.  Instrument personnel can access EFM of maintenance and configuration as required.

Omni directional satellite, cellular, and WiFi Antennaes do not require any special setup or pointing on site. WiFi connectivity allows operator access to the EFM network for maintenance and configuration for truck or job site trailer.




Supported Flow Computers/ RTU

The SAT120 and SAT130 can be used connect to common EFM, RTU, and Data Logger Systems used in Mobile well testing including.

Cameron Scanner 2000/MC-IIIFisher ROC / FloBoss Gas Flow Computer EFM Dynamic Flow ComputerData Logger Systems ABB Total Flow
nuflo_scanner_2000_explosion_proof_product_imageROC EFM Dynamic Flow ComputerData Logger 6400 Flow Computer

Cameron Scanner 2000 / MC-III Application Note

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