SCADALink SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Communications

SCADALink SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Communications is deployed for a CNG/LNG Fueling Company to provide remote communications to its mobile equipment fleet used for fueling drilling and production operations with its Virtual Pipeline Infrastructure network.

The SAT130 with its SatSCADA Platform provides powerful  flexible connectivity solution to CNG/LNG Fleet Monitoring monitoring with Dual Mode Sat/Cell WAN; RS232, Rs485, Ethernet, and WiFi connectivity.

The SAT130 is used to provide remote connectivity to  PLC and Electronic Flowmeters on its Gasifier, Vaporizer and Transport Unit Fleet with RS232, RS485 and Ethernet Interfaces.  Remote connectivity is provided for SCADA and Remote Monitoring of Equipment Operation from the company’s SCADA systems.

Dual Mode Sat/Cell Communication ensures connectivity to the mobile equipment even in the most remote oil and gas locations. Dual mode operation provides cost effective connectivity; high speed and lower cost cellular is used when available; satellite communications is used in areas where cellular communication is unavailable or unreliable.

In addition, the Ethernet connectivity of the SAT130 provides remote connectivity for remote maintenance and configuration of PLC and HMI.  WiFi connectivity provides operator and maintenance personnel internet connectivity to the outside world and wireless maintenance access to skid equipment.

The SAT130 ‘s integrated GPS provides  additional location and time stamping of fuel deliveries by the transports for field ticketing and billing system integration; and location mapping.  Fuel delivery electronic ticket logging is implemented on the SAT130.

The SAT130 omni-directional satellite and cellular antennas requiring no  specialized equipment setup by the driver and instant operation.

Mobile SCADA Communications   Mobile SCADA Communications   gasifier-or-vaporizer-and-transport-flow-meter

sat130-antenna-installation-example-03   sat130-antenna-installation-example-04   SAT/Cell - Mobile SCADA Communications

Mobile SCADA Communications   gasifier-or-vaporizer-and-transport-printer-example    delivery-ticket

SatSCADA Web Client’s Provides Map, Dashboard, and Trending Access to Fleet Equipment

satscada-web-client-gps-map-example SatSCADA Web Client - Login  web-client-mobile-device-view  web-client-mobile-trend-view



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