The SAT100 and SAT120 Battery Powered RTU packages are designed for remote pressure monitoring in natural gas distribution systems. The SAT1xx BAT-RTU  are compact battery powered systems enabling simple installation.  The low power RTU packages can provide scheduled pressure updates up to once an hour while maintaining 1+ year autonomous battery operation.

Both SAT100 and SAT120  PRTU can support up to 4 Analog/Digital (AI/DI) Inputs. The Analog Inputs (AI) can be supplied as 4-20ma or 1-5V inputs with 12VDC wetting voltage, supporting commonly used industrial process transmitters used for pressure, dP, and temperature.  The Digital Inputs (DI) are designed to connect to dry contact input pressure switches.

The BAT-RTU  are supported by the SatSCADA Platform which can provide an easy interface to existing SCADA host systems via Modbus Protocol, or FTP/CSV data exports.  Alternatively, the customers can use the SatSCADA Web Interface which provides Web Access to Status, Trends, and Alarm Notifications (SMS, Email, and Voice).

Example SatSCADA Web Client:

Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - SatSCADA Web Client- Trend View Example  Web Client - Remote Tank Monitoring - Map View Well Testing Tag View Web Client - Remote Tank Monitoring - Site View Web Client - PumpMate - Alarm - Tag - View


In addition to the end of line pressure monitoring, the BAT-RTU can be used in many applications where there is a requirement to periodically monitor pressures. The application includes pipeline pressure monitoring is gas production gathering lines and pressure in water lines.

  • Paper Chart Replacement
  • End Point Pressure Monitoring
  • Smart Regulator Station
  • Thermal Well Temperature
  • Inlet/Outlet Pressure
  • Vault Monitoring




  SAT100 Battery Powered RTU packages

  SAT120 Battery Powered RTU packages

SAT100 Battery Powered RTU with Solar PanelSAT120 Battery PoweredRTU with Solar Panel












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