Remote Real-Time Monitoring of Pit and Pond Levels is important in managing and reporting water usage in Industrial Water Supply Applications such as Frac Water Supply.

SCADALink Level Master System based on the SAT120 Dual Mode Sat/Cellular  RTU can provide real time monitoring at Pits, Lakes, and Tanks even at the most remote sites.

The Level Master system consists of:

  • Submersible Pressure Transmitter (A)
  • Solar Powered SAT120 RTU Panel (B)
  • SatSCADA Platform (C)

A submersible pressure level sensor (A) is used to measure water level. The SAT120 RTU (B) transmits the water level to SatSCADA Server which performs archival, display, and alarm notification that can be accessible on desktop, laptops, tablets, and smartphones (C).

System Diagram

Level Sensor  (A) 

Different level sensors technologies can be deployed for measuring pit levels including vented submersible pressure (level) sensor,  ultrasonic level sensor, radar level sensor. Vented submersible level sensors are typically the easiest to deploy and there is minimal mounting.

The vented submersible level sensor is installed at the pit bottom to measure water pressure (level) above the sensor.

Level measurement can used in conjunction with a pit strapping table to determine the current volume.

SAT120 RTU  (B) 

The Solar Powered SAT120 RTU features dual mode Satellite / Cellular operation. This allows ensures connectivity even at the most remote locations. Ubiquitous coverage and solar power  operation of the SAT120 allows plug and play operation.  Setup portable SAT120 RTU on stand and deploy sensor and start monitoring.


SatSCADA Server  (C) 

The SatSCADA Platform provides Data Archival and Management with the interface via Web Client or API/Web Services.

The SatSCADA Web Client allows secure data from Laptop, Tablets, and Smartphones. Web Client Functions including Tag Display, Trending, and Alarm Notification. The Trending Function can help Water Operator estimate water consumption B.  SatSCADA provides time-stamped data C  which can be used to identify problems.

SatSCADA provides API / Web Service interfaces to enable client access from their Enterprise ERP Systems.

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