The SCADALink Wireless Pit Level Sensor Assembly provides a reliable rapidly deploy Pit Level Sensing Solution.  Slotted pipe is used to deploy a submersible pressure sensor at a fixed position at the pit. A battery powered wireless transmitter located at the top of the berm transmit the submersible to a PumpMate or SatSCADA RTU. There are no cables to be damaged or create a tripping hazard.

The Wireless Pit Level Assembly can also be used with temperature, conductivity, pH, or multiparameter sensors. The design of the assembly enables the sensor to be  reliably positioned while allowing the sensor to easily retrieved for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Wireless Pit Level Sensor Wireless Pit Level Sensor

Wireless Battery Powered Sensor Node for 4-20ma or Modbus Sensors

Wireless Pit Level Sensor

Level Sensor Easily Retrieved for Cleaning, Inspection, or Maintenance

Wireless Pit Level Sensor Wireless Pit Level Sensor

Wireless Pit Level Sensor




The Wireless Pit Level Monitoring System can be used for application where lined pits or dugout are used including:

  • Frac Water Pits
  • Brine Pits
  • Mine Tailing Pits

This systems provide a cost effective alternative to wired system where sensors are “thrown” into the pit.



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