• SatSCADA PumpMasterWater Transfer SCADA System


The purpose of the PumpMaster RTU System is to provide centralized Remote Monitoring and Control of Portable Pumps in a Portable Water Transfer System.

The Pump Master systems is comprised of a network of RTUs at each pump communicating via a wireless network.  PumpMaster allows monitors and controls the status of the Pumps as well as the complete status of pumping system from any location.

System Diagram

Rain for Rent - Water Transfer SCADA System

Pump Parameters monitored include:

  • Run Status
  • Alarm Status
  • RPM
  • Engine Temperature
  • Engine Pressure

PumpMaster-SCADA System HMI Graphic-05 PumpMaster-SCADA System HMI Graphic-04

Pump Parameters Controlled include:

  • Start/Stop
  • Increase/Decrease RPM

System Flow Parameters monitored at each pump include:

  • Inlet Pressure
  • Outlet Pressure
  • Outlet Flow
  • Outlet Temperature

PumpMate allows centralized monitoring and control from a centralized site allowing improved pumping system startup and safety.

PumpMaster-SCADA System HMI Graphic-01

PumpMaster-SCADA System HMI Graphic-02 PumpMaster-SCADA System HMI Graphic-03



PumpMaster Web Interface

PumpMaster incorporates a secure web interface that allows user access at locally or remotely via computer, laptop, tablets, and smartphones interface.  Each pumping system utilizes a Master PumpMaster RTU where the number of pumps is used is configured and provides the central system web interface.

PumpMaster interface consists of the following screens:

  • System Status
  • Individual Pump Control Screens
  • Trend Screens

ControlSAT130 RTU3002

With sufficient system access level, the user can start/stop the pump and increase/decrease the pump speed.

Onsite and Remote Access

System can accessed onsite, from any site with WAN access or remotely if a SAT130 Gateway is deployed.  With a SatSCADA SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Gateway, the PumpMaster can be monitored from anywhere.


PumpMaster can be used to monitor pumping system problems such as:

  • Line Break
  • Pipeline Leaks
  • Deadheaded Pumps
  • Line Freeze Ups

This would be achieved by alarm set points on monitored parameters, and use of trend variables.




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