Wireless and Wired Communications technologies including lease or dedicate lines, licensed and unlicensed radio, cellular and satellite has been used for monitoring Pipelines and Pumping Systems.

Water Transfer Operations in Oil and Gas frequently operate in rugged and heavily treed terrain where any one of these individual technologies may be unavailable, unreliable, or impractical. This is particularly the case where pipelines and diesel pumps are installed on cut lines or right of ways on a temporary basis.

SCADALink’s PumpMate Water Transfer Automation systems integrate multiple wireless communications technology to ensures reliable connectivity.  Technologies used include:

  • Unlicensed Radio
  • Cellular
  • GEO Satellite Technology
  • LEO Satellite Technology

Unlicensed radio is used for wireless sensors and pump networking. It is cost-free and enables rapid deployment. Long distance communications is limited by antenna height.

Cellular communication technology is low cost, however there may not necessarily have reliable coverage in the required operational area.

GEO stationary satellite technology provide high reliability and rapid deployment when there is clear line of site to the satellite. I t does comes with higher cost and latency.

LEO satellite technology can provide good coverage and reliability but it comes with the highest message cost and latency.

Intelligent integration of multiple wireless communications technology allows PumpMate to provide reliable cost effective communications for Water Transfer Automation automation.