Remote Dewatering Pump System Monitoring

Remote Dewatering Pump Systems run unattended for extended periods.  When these pumping systems are deployed in remote areas, monitoring systems are often deployed to notify of alarm conditions such as pump failure or high level alarms

SatSCADA Satellite Based Remote Monitoring  Systems can help monitor operation of these pumping systems when they situated in remote areas. Depending on the monitoring requirements;  satellite (SAT100, SAT110),  and dual mode satellite/cellular (SAT120, SAT130)  satellite terminals can be used.  The pumping systems status can be monitored via I/O or communications to the engine controller.  For pump systems with Modbus or CAN-Bus communications interface, additional engine operating information (ie RPM, Oil Pressure, EngineTemperature) can be monitored.



Case Study

Recently a SAT100 system was deployed by a contractor to monitor operation of 2 Pumps used in dewatering a lake. The SAT100  was used to monitor the 2 pump run statuses (engine pressure switches), a high level alarm, and 2 battery voltages (one via voltage input and one via the internal voltage). A satellite based system was required since the area had no cellular coverage.

With the SatSCADA System, the contractor can be notified of alarms via SMS, Email, and Voice Callout.  The SatSCADA system also allowed users web based access so they can monitor system status and alarm history using smartphones, tablets, or computers.  Trending of pump operation can help assist in detecting system problems.



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