PumpMaster for Remote Water Transfer Monitoring

The PumpMaster RTU System provides centralized Remote Monitoring and Control of Portable Pumps in Water Transfer & Frac Water Supply Systems.


Water transfer systems may range from a single pump system to  10+ series pumps for long distance water transfer systems. There is need to monitor and control pumping to insure water supply requirements, prevent overdraw,  leak detection, to protect equipment, and insure safe operation.

The PumpMaster Systems is comprised of a network of RTUs at each pump communicating via a wireless networks supported by a central Monitor Node.  PumpMaster allows remote monitoring and control of the pumping system from any location.

PumpMaster  Systems consists of the following:

  • Pump RTU Nodes
  • Header/Tank RTU Nodes
  • Flow Measurements RTU Nodes
  • Wireless Sensor Nodes
  • Field SCADA Host Node
  • Enterprise SCADA Node

PumpMaster has the following features:

  • Long Distance Wireless Network Connectivity – Private Radio, Cellular, & Satellite Communications
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Flexible Architecture

System Architecture

Remote Water Transfer and Frac Water Supply Monitoring

Nomadic Wireless Connectivity

PumpMaster features “Nomadic” wireless connectivity with Unlicensed Radio, Cellular, Satellite, WiFi and WAN  providing ubiquitous connectivity anywhere. It provides reliable long distance communication in terrains.

Multimode communications ensures operation at sites with harsh terrain blocking RF paths.  Unlicensed 900 Mhz with Fail-over to Cellular ensure network connectivity of Pump,Header, and Flow Nodes.  Cell and Satellite WAN connectivity can ensure remote access from anywhere in the world.

900 Mhz Mesh Network

High Power unlicensed 900 Mhz Radiomodems ensure long distance communication for the pumping nodes. The radio-modems have store and forward repeater operation for a mesh like communication.


Cellular link cam provide redundancy for connectivity to pumping system nodes. In addition,the cellular can provide remote system access.


Optional satellite links can provide additional connectivity for remote monitoring and control in areas without cellular coverage.

Automatic Fail-Over

There is automatic failover between 900 Mhz Private Unlicensed Radio and Cellular.

WiFi Hotpots

Local secure WiFi Access Point is provided at each node to allow users access via laptop, tablets or smartphones even if cellular may not be available but private radio is available.


PumpMaster can be used to monitor pumping system problems such as:

  • Line Break
  • Pipeline Leaks
  • Deadheaded Pumps
  • Line Freeze Ups

Pump Nodes

Pump Nodes

SAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cell Hub with Wireless Gateway

Monitoring operation of each pump is achieved by connection of a PumpMasterRTU at pump. The PumpMaster RTU provides interface to Pump Controller via CanBus, Modbus or Hardwire I/O. The PumpMaster RTU allows all pumping systems to have similar interface regardless of the pump or controller manufacturer.

Pump Parameters monitored include:

  • Run Status
  • Alarm Status
  • RPM
  • Engine Temperature
  • Engine Pressure

Local Web Interface Examples-03

Pump Parameters Controlled include:

  • Start/Stop
  • Increase/Decrease RPM

Pump Flow Parameters monitored at each pump include:

  • Inlet Pressure
  • Outlet Pressure
  • Outlet Flow
  • Outlet Temperature

PumpMaster allows centralized monitoring and control from a central site allowing improved pumping system startup and safety.

Local Web Interface Examples-02

PumpMaster Web Interface

PumpMaster incorporates a secure web interface that allows user access locally or remotely via computer, laptop, tablets, and smartphones interface.  Each pumping system has a Master PumpMaster Host where a pumping system dashboard is configured to monitor all equipment in the system.

PumpMaster interface consists of the following screens:

  • System Status
  • Individual Pump Control Screens
  • Trend Screens

With sufficient system access level, the user can start/stop the pump and increase/decrease the pump speed.

Onsite and Remote Access

Each PumpMaster RTU System can accessed onsite, from any site with WAN access or remotely.


PumpMaster can be used to monitor pumping system problems such as:

  • Line Break
  • Pipeline Leaks
  • Deadheaded Pumps
  • Line Freeze Ups

This would be achieved by alarm set points on monitored parameters, and monitoring of trends.


Header-Tank RTU Node

SAT100-Solar Panel RTU with Bettery

Header/Tank RTU Node

A Header/Tank RTU Node may be provided provided for Header and Tank Monitoring. This RTU node is used to monitor and control the levels of each group of supply tanks to insure water supply for pumping operations, preventing Low Levels and High Level Overflows.  The Header RTU can be also be used to provide remote valve control if valves are used. Wireless Sensors Nodes can be used for tank and pit level monitoring.

Wireless Sensor Nodes and Wireless Sensor Gateway 

The Header/RTU nodes can use Wired or Wireless Sensor Nodes for tank or pit level monitoring.

Wireless Tank Level Sensor Nodes

Tank Level sensors are connected via a Wireless Sensor Node as shown.  Level sensors including Resistive or Guided Wave Radar Sensors. . Wireless Sensors enable easy placement of sensor and panel locations. Wireless Sensor Nodes can be battery or battery/solar powered as shown.

Wireless Sensor Node with Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter on a Single Frac/Storage Tank

Frac Monitoring-Singel Tank

Wireless Sensor Node with Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter on Storage Tanks

Frac Monitoring-Tanks

Tank Level Monitoring Screens

Local Web Interface Examples-04

Tank Level & Valve Control Screens

Local Web Interface Examples-01




Flow Nodes

Flow Monitoring

Portal Flow Meters skids are used flow monitoring for water transfer operations. Use of Portable meters allows for rapid and flexible deployment.

Portable Flow Meter Skid

Portable Flow Meters Skids are as shown. Each Flow Meter utilizes a Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter. Each skid is shelf contained including flow meter, meter skid, and piping including camlock fittings.

Portable Flow Meter Skid Details

Flow Meter in Cage on Skid

The preceding drawing shows example of a portable meter skid for 6″ Flow Meter.

The meter skid includes the Seametric IMAG Mag Flowmeter, complete with meter skid cage, transition pipingFlow Meter with SAT130 RTU in Cage on Skid
and camlock type quick connectors. The Flow Meter Skid is battery powered with local display and is complete ready to operate.

Standalone Flow Meter Operation

The Portable Flow meters are battery powered with local display to insure operation even when there is no line power. The Flow Meters provide totalization and real time flow reading enabling manual reading location if there is no remote system connectivity.

Remote Portable Flow Meter Skid Connectivity

Remote Flow Meter connectivity can achieved:

  • Wireless Sensor Nodes
  • Complete RTU Nodes including Radio, Cellular, Satellite.

Portable Flowmeter Skid with Wireless RTU Nodes or Wireless Sensor Nodes Attached

Flow Meter with SAT130 HUB & Wireless Sensor Node in Cage on Skid   Flow Meter & Wireless Sensor Node in Cage on Skid

The preceding drawings shows example of a portable meter skid for a 6″ Flowmeter with SAT130 Wirelesss Hub and Wireless Sensor Nodes; or with Wireless Sensor Node attached. A single Wireless Hub can support numerous Wireless Sensor Nodes up to 1 mile line of site.







Frac Water Transfer Equipment

RTUs more…

SAT130 Wireless Satellite / Cell / Wifi / Ethernet Hub with Wireless Gateway. Terminal with LCD Display.SAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cell Hub with Wireless GatewaySAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cell Hub with Solar Power & Wireless Gateway


Sensors & Flow Meter more…

Wireless Sensor Node with Junction BoxSolar Powered Radar Level Transmitter and Flow MeterWireless Submersible Pressure TransmitterFlowmeter
 Solar Power Radar Level TransmitterSeaMetrics Flow Meter

Protable Flowmeter Skid, Complete with Battery Powered Flowmeter, Skid, and Camlock Connectors

Protable Flowmeter SkidProtable Flowmeter Skid with Wireless Sensor NodeProtable Flowmeter Skid with SAT1XX RTU & Wireless Sensor Node
Flow Meter in Cage on SkidFlow Meter & Wireless Sensor Node in Cage on SkidFlow Meter with SAT130 HUB & Wireless Sensor Node in Cage on Skid




PumpMaster system has a SCADANode to provide a central Pumping System Dashboard. The Dashboard is accessible locally as SCADA Node typically located in the field office. A Cloud Based Enterprise SCADA Node is available to centrally store Pump Operation Information.

System SCADA Node

The System SCADA Node is hosted on a local on site server, provides a pumping system dashboard that allows secure web based access to all sites from laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allow remote pump operators and supervisors monitoring and control access of any pump, header, tank, and flow measurements in a single dashboard.

The PumpMaster SCADA Nodes provides a easy to use remote pump system monitoring dashboard, easily configured by configuring a table of equipment assets used in the project including Pump Skid, Header/Tank Nodes, Flow Meter, and Level Sensor Nodes.

Enterprise SCADA Node (Cloud)

PumpMaster SCADA Nodes have data sync to PumpMaster Cloud SCADA node to allow archival of all pumping system projects in a central repository.

PumpMaster Web Interfaces

Local RTU Web Interfaces

The RTU has a Web Interface Accessible Locally or Remotely.  Local Interface is via WiFi or USB; Remote Interface is via Internet Connectivity.

Pump Status

Local Web Interface Examples-03   Local Web Interface Examples-02

Tank Level

Local Web Interface Examples-04   Local Web Interface Examples-01


PumpMaster Water Transfer SCADA provides a flexible system for Remote Monitoring and Control.


SatSCADA Platform

For smaller monitoring applications, SatSCADA Cloud can be used to provide remote access to Flow Meter or Pump Nodes for Alarms.

The SatSCADA Web Client provides user access via a Web Browser on Desktops, Laptops or Smartphones.

The Web Client provides Site View, Tag View, Trend and Map Views, and is auto-configured based on the SAT1xx Terminal Configurations.

Login with Smartphone
SatSCADA Web Client Map View   SatSCADA Web Client Site View   SatSCADA Web Client Tag View   Alarmcallout Trend View




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