• SCADALink SatSCADARemote Pump Monitoring


Remote Pump Monitoring Systems for Frac Water Supply and Dewatering

The SatSCADA System is an end-to-end system for mobile remote pump monitoring for industrial water transfer applications such as frac water supply and dewatering applications.

The SatSCADA System is comprised of Satellite RTU Terminals with the SatSCADA Server that notifies alarm conditions via SMS, email or voice notification, and provides Web/Smartphone based User Interface to Site Status and Trends.

SatSCADA RTU Panels interface to Pumping Systems to monitor Inlet and Outlet Pressures, Outlet Temperatures, Flow, and Pump Run Status to alert the operator of pump problems such as pipeline leaks, pump and engine malfunction. Satellite and cellular communications technology ensure operation in the most Remote areas.

SCADALink SatSCADARemote Pump Station System Architecture APPLICATION NOTE 132

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