Wireless Satellite Based Remote Tank Level Monitoring

In Resource Industries such as Oil and Gas, & Mining there is a requirement to remotely monitor tank levels to schedule refills and transport; and to insure process safety.

Wireless satellite technology offered by SatSCADA offers the ability to remotely monitor tank levels in areas not covered by terrestrial means such as cellular, landlines, internet, or WAN networks.

Single Tank

Multiple Tanks

Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring


SatSCADA Remote Tank Systems can be configured to report on a SCHEDULE (1,2,4,8,12,24, or 48 times a day), on ALARM, or on DEMAND. This flexibility allows the customer to configure SatSCADA to provide the most cost effective operation.

Standalone or Integration into SCADA, Inventory Systems

SatSCADA  provides a real time tank monitoring solution that can deployed as a standalone system or integrated into the client’s existing SCADA and inventory management systems.

Rapid Deployment

SatSCADA wireless satellite technology coupled with wireless sensor technology enable rapid cost effective deployments.

Wide Range of Level Sensors Supported

SatSCADA Tank Level Monitoring supports all types of  tank level sensors and switches. This enables SatSCADA to be used to monitor a wide range of products and tank configurations.  Users can select the most suitable instrument for their tank monitoring application. The customer’s standard or existing sensors can be utilized.  This open architecture system ensures greatest flexibility.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Submersible Pressure
  • Radar
  • Ultrasonic
  • Resistive Float
  • Magnostrictive Float
  • Servo
mpx-pairSubmersible Pressure Transducers Ultrasonic Sensor

SatSCADA Tank Level Monitoring Support of industry standard interfaces including analog (4-20 ma, 1-5VDC), digital (switches), and serial (RS232 and RS485 modbus). Sensors can be directly wired into the SatSCADA RTU (hardwired) or wirelessly via Wireless Sensor Nodes/Gateway.

Wireless Sensors & Instruments

Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring

Modbus-Sensor NodeWireless Battery Powered Sensor Nodes can be used to connect tank level sensors where wiring can be costly and difficult.  This feature can be important in applications where portable tanks are utilized. Wireless sensors nodes eliminate field wiring that can be easily damaged.  SatSCADA Wireless Sensor Nodes support industry standard interfaces including analog (4-20 ma, 1-5VDC), digital (switches), and serial (RS232 and RS485 Modbus).  Low power Wireless Sensor nodes are battery powered with up to 2 years operation without battery replacement. For instruments that have longer warm-up times or for applications with higher update frequencies, wireless sensor nodes can be equipped with its integral solar power system.

SatSCADA Server Support

Secure Access

SatSCADA Remote Tank Monitoring is a cloud hosted monitoring systems that provides secure user access to their tank information. SatSCADA also provides easy interface to user applications via schedule CSV exports and Modbus Interfaces.

Alarm Notification Via Email, SMS, & Voice

Operators are notified of out of range Tank conditions via email and SMS.

SAT100 Alarm Notification Via Email&SMS

Scheduled FTP and Email Reporting

Tank level status reports in CSV format can be sent to users by scheduled FTP transfer or email.

Web Access

Users can access tank level status of their remote sites via the SatSCADA web GUI that enables desktop, laptop, and smartphone access. The system provides site status, historical trending, and GPS mapping of their tank sites.

Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring

Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring  Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring  Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring  Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring  Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring

Modbus Proxy

SatSCADA provides a Modbus Proxy interface to allow easy interfacing by SCADA systems.

Tank Remote Monitoring Gateway

SAT100 Solar Power Hub with Wireless Sensor GatewaySAT130 Solar Power Hub with Wireless Sensor Gateway
Satellite Based Tank Level MonitoringSatellite Based Tank Level Monitoring






Access Anywhere

Wireless Satelllite and Cellular technology provide connectivity to most remote sites.

Mobile Web Access

User Access on for multiple devices including Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones

Secure Cloud Based Access

Secure Access from any location. Cloud based systems insure secure reliable data storage.


Systems can scale to from single point monitoring point to many distributed points at site. Wireless sensor nodes allow easy expansion.

Rapid Deployment

Ubitiqeous Satellite and Cellular Coverage allow plug and play operation. Wireless Sensor options can simplify field wiring challenges. Quick connector sensor systems for wired systems simplify field installation.





SatSCADA Satellite Remote Tank Monitoring can be used to monitor Tank Levels in applications such as:

  • Diesel Tanks
  • Propane Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Oil and Gas Production Tanks
  • Frac Water Supply Tanks

SatSCADA with Wireless Sensor Nodes are ideal for installation in existing tank farms where retrofit of wiring may be cost prohibitive.

 Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring  Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring

 Mobile or Portable Applications

For mobile applications in Oil Field Services;  Satellite or Dual Mode Sat/Cell Based Tank Monitoring can ensure coverage in the most remote field areas. Wireless Sensors Systems can be utilized to connect multiple tanks to a SAT1xx hub.



SatSCADA Tank Monitoring Systems Ordering Information

1.SatSCADA Tank Remote Monitoring Gateway
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
1ASatellite Based Tank Level MonitoringSAT100 Hub with Wireless Sensor Gateway Satellite Modem/RTU Package with Wireless Sensor Gateway
1BSatellite Based Tank Level MonitoringSAT130 Hub with Wireless Sensor Gateway Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modem/RTU with Wireless Sensor Gateway
1CSAT100 SolarSolar Powered Satellite RTU Package


2.Wireless Sensor Nodes
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
2ASatellite Based Tank Level Monitoring - Pressure ScoutPressure Scout Battery Powered Wireless Pressure Transmitter
2B Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring - Sensor Node Analog Sensor NodeBaterry Powered Wireless Sensor Node for Interface with 4-20ma Sensors
2CSatellite Based Tank Level Monitoring - Sensor NodeDigital  Sensor NodeBattery Powered Wireless Sensor Node for Interface with Digital Inputs
2DSatellite Based Tank Level Monitoring - Sensor NodeModbus Sensor NodeBattery Powered Wireless Sensor Node for Interface with RS485 Modbus Device
2ESatellite Based Tank Level Monitoring - Float Switch Float Switch Float Switch
2FWL-PT-XXXWireless Pressure Transmitter – Specify PSI
2GWL-SolarWireless Sensors with Solar Power


3.Power System
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
3A Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring - Power SystemSolar Power – 12VDC 50 Watt with 60AH Battery











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