SAT120 and SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite / Cellular Modems can be used to ensure Critical SCADA Connectivity against Single Network Outages and Local Path Interference.

Critical SCADA  Communication in Applications like Pipeline Operations, Sour Gas Production required reliable connectivity to ensure continuous monitoring and control.

Dual Mode Operation

SAT120 and SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modems are part of the SAT1xx Terminal family supported by the SatSCADA Communications Platform. The SAT120 and SAT120 feature sat/cell communications with automatic Fail-over.  Cellular communication can be set as Primary mode, with fail-over to Satellite.


 SAT100 SAT110 SAT120 SAT130


The SAT130 with Satellite/Cellular WAN, WiFi, Ethernet and RS232/RS485 Connectivity is highly  flexibility.


The SAT120 with Satellite/Cellular Connectivity, RS232/RS485 Ports is used for remote sites where low power operation is required.

Dual Mode Sat/Cell Operation Protects Against….

Local Path Disruption

Marginal Terrestrial Paths can be Affected by Weather and Localized Interference.  Path diversity helps insure availability.

Single Network Outage

  • With Single Mode Cellular Network or Satellite Network, outages can cause multiple stations to go down simultaneously. Network diversity of Sat/Cell prevents outages due to loss of single network.

Dual Mode Cell / Sat Automatic Fail-Over Features

  • SatSCADA Monitoring of Cell/Sat Traffic Profile & RSSI can warn of equipment or network problems.
  • Alarming of Link Failure insures timely maintenance before complete connectivity lost.
  • Automatic Fail-Over Ensures Connectivity Continuity without User Intervention.

The following SatSCADA trend shows Cell (blue) and Sat (red) traffic.  Note satellite operation during periods of cell link failure.




  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Operations
  • Oil and Gas Production – Sour Sites
  • Mobile SCADA for High-Value Applications such as Well Testing, Flowback of High Volume Wells


  • Safety, Environment, Improved Production Uptime, Labor Savings

Backup Critical SCADA Communications

SAT120/SAT130 can be used to backup existing SCADA communications links at highly critical SCADA sites.

Path and Network Diversity for SCADA Sites

The SAT120/SAT130 can be used to as the SCADA communications link for remote sites that need high availability. The SAT120/SAT130 as a single system is cost effective and easy to deploy redundant path solution.

Rapid Deployment

The ubitiquiteous connectivity of the Dual Mode Sat/Cell SAT130 provides rapid SCADA deployment.


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