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SAT1xx TB1 and SAT1xx TB2 Termination Boards are used to terminate the SAT1xx (SAT100, SAT110, SAT120 & SAT130 Satellite Terminal).

The selection of  TB1 and TB2 depend on the application.  SAT1xx TB2 is used when there limited number of  connections in required in the application or compact size is required. The SAT1xx TB1 is used when I/O connections are used.

SAT1XX Wiring with TB1 and TB2

Termination Boards TB1 and TB2 are used to provide easy and simple connection to Power, I/O, and Communication Ports for SAT1XX RTU family. TB1 and TB2 provide color coded terminations of SAT100, SAT110, SAT120, and SAT130 cables and wiring harnesses.

I/O Wiring with Termination Board TB1

Termination Board TB1 has 4 inputs terminated in individual terminal blocks for each channel. Note that the I/O port channels have common ground terminal (all ports labelled – are connected to common GND).

I/O Wiring with Termination Board TB2

Termination Board TB2 terminate all I/O wiring from the SAT1xx terminals, however does not supply a individual GND terminal for each channel. TB2 would be used with additional external terminal blocks. TB2 are commonly used when only a single I/O is point is used, or when space is limited.

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SAT1xx TB1

SCADALink SAT1XX TB1 (Termination Board)SAT1XX Termination Board Din Rail-2

The SAT-1xx-TB1 Breakout Box is used to provide simple termination to the SAT1XX terminals (SAT100, SAT110, & SAT120)  to Power, the RS232 & RS485 ports and onboard I/O as shown in following diagram. The SAT1XX Terminal is connected to the breakout box via a multiconductor SAT100, SAT110, and SAT120  cable and cable harnesses.

A 5A fused circuit should be used to supplying the SAT1XX terminal.

The Breakout Box contains a SAT-1xx-TB1 Breakout Board which provides marked termination blocks.

The SAT-1xx-TB1 Breakout Box is used to terminate the SAT1XX terminal at a convenient location.  The Flex Cables flying leads are terminated to the 10 pin terminal block at the top of the breakout board.

SAT100 & TB1   SAT1XX Termination Board for SAT100

The leads are color coded, and should be terminated into the appropriate terminal as per the color named on the breakout board.  Two unshielded drain wires run through the flex cable, they should be terminated to the breakout board’s chassis ground.  See the table below for an overview of the color coded wire’s functions.

A: Terminal Board Connection to SAT1xx Cables

B: Input Power

C: I/O Terminations

D: RS485

E: RS232

Dimensions: 3.39″ x 2 .71″ x 1.72″ (L x W x H)

TB1 Dimensions

TB1 Wiring Information

SAT100 & SAT120 WiringSAT110 Wiring

SAT1xx TB2

SCADALink SAT1XX TB2 (Termination Board)

TB2 Wiring Information

SAT100 CableSAT120 Wiring CableSAT110 Wiring Cable

SAT100/SAT120 Wiring Information


SAT110 Wiring Information



TB2 for SAT130 (CBL-SAT130-TB2-XX)

tb2   sat130-well-testing-rtu

Wiring information for CBL-SAT130-TB2-RS232 and CBL-SAT130-TB2-RS485

Cables CBL-SAT130-TB2-232 and CBL-SAT130-485 are cabling harnesses for the SAT130 series of Dual Mode Sat/Cell Modem. The CBL-SAT130-TB2-xxx cable harness provides connection of the SAT130 base unit to the SAT100 Satellite Terminal and power connections for both SAT130 and SAT100. The CBL-SAT130-TB2-RS232 is configured for RS232 connection to user devices, whereas the CBL-SAT130-TB2-485 is cable configured for RS485 communication to user devices from the SAT130.


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