The SCADALink Signal Conditioner Board Series  (SC-VIN, SC-CIN, SC-DIN) provide convenient signal conditioning and termination for Analog and Digital I/O to SAT1xx Satellite Terminals.

Single Channel Analog and Digital Signal Conditioning and Termination

The SC-xxx are Single Channel Conditioners allowing cost-effectiveness and maximum flexibility in small I/O installations.  Analog Signal Conditioners include the SC-VIN and the SC-CIN. Digital Signal Conditioners include the SC-DIN.

Use of SC-xxx Signal Conditioners provides simple clearly marked connection to  I/O on SAT1xx terminals and signal conditioning for commonly used signal levels.

Interface to 4-20 Ma and 1-5 VDC Industrial Sensors

The SC-CIN and SC-VIN, respectivley allow interface to 4-20 ma and 1-5 VDC  used in industrial applications.

DIN Rail Mount and Removable Terminal Blocks

The SC-xxx feature 22.5 mm DIN Rail Mounting  and Removable Terminal blocks making it ideal for industrial installations.


SC-xxx SatSCADA Single Channel Signal Conditioner Selection Table




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