In some remote mobile or portable remote monitoring applications there is instances where there is no or unreliable cellular and GEO (Geosynchronous Earth Orbit) satellite connectivity due to terrain obstructions.

SCADALink provides the SAT50 Transceiver option that can be added to SatSCADA SAT1xx systems to provide additional LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite connectivity

The SAT50 can be connected to the SAT100, SAT110, or SAT120 systems to provide an alternative data paths for critical applications. As the cost of LEO satellite data is more costly (factor of 6) the SAT50  option is used only when there is no alternative reliable data connectivity. 

 The following diagrams shows the SAT50L option and how it can be connected to SAT1xx systems.

SAT50L Assembly

Dual Mode SAT120 Panel

SAT120 Panel with SAT50 Option



The SAT50 is connected on COM1  RS232 of the SAT100, SAT110, or SAT120.


The SAT50 transceiver operates on the Iridium LEO satellite network.

Iridium LEO Satellite Network consists of a constellation of  66 active Satellites orbiting  the earth as shown.  The LEO constellation allows multiple satellites to be in view at any given time allowing data connectivity in applications where there are terrain obstructions such as trees, hill, mountains, or ravines.