• SCADALink SatSCADASatellite Based RTU/Alarm Callout for Pump Jacks and Screw Pumps Monitoring


Pump Jack and Screw Pump Alarm Callout with SAT100 / SAT110

SCADALink SatSCADA SAT1xx terminals can be a cost effective solutions for remote monitoring of wellsites operated by Pump Jacks and Screw Pumps.  SAT100, SAT110, and SAT120 Satellite Based Modem,RTU, & Alarm Callouts integrating wireless satellite communications with RTU technology provide a easy to deploy solution.

The SAT1xx terminals integral 4 DI/AI can be connected to monitor run status, alarms, pressure, temperatures or levels. For applications requiring additional inputs,  expansion I/O can be used.  If the site already has a RTU/PLC, Rod Pump Controller, or a VFD;  it can be polled via Modbus RTU Protocol.

SAT100 Water Level RTU

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Pump Jack Monitoring

  • Stuffing Box Leaks
  • Power Failures
  • Engine Shutdown (Gas Engine)
  • Motor Overloads
  • Hi and Low Pipeline Pressure Alarms
  • Hi Tank Level Alarms
  • Tank Level

Screw Pump Monitoring

  • Hydraulic Pressure Shutdown
  • Hi Tank Levels
  • Low Tank Temperatures Alarm (Burner Failure)

Web Based Access

The SatSCADA platform is simple to use with alarm callout via SMS and email, and web based user interface accessible from computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

alarmcallout device    alarmcallout tagview    alarmcallout trendview


Enterprise SCADA Host Interface

For Oil and Gas companies with Enterprise SCADA Host systems, the SatSCADA terminals can be easily connected via the Modbus Proxy and SCADA Communications interface.


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