• SCADALink SAT100 Battery Powered Satellite Modem Systems


SAT100-BAT-MODEM Battery Powered Satellite Modem Systems

SAT100-BAT-MODEM Battery Powered Satellite Modem Packages can be used for applications where infrequent periodic remote communications is required to electronic flow meters, electronic volume corrects, and data loggers.  Battery powered operation allows installation and site without utility power and minimizes the installation footprint and the possibility of equipment theft and vandalism at solar powered sites. The SAT100-BAT-MODEM achieves low power operation with power saving technology and scheduled operation.

Battery Powered Operation

The SAT100-BAT-MODEM is designed with low power operation and high capacity long life field replaceable battery system.  It can be used for Permanent Remote applications such as  Electronic Volume Corrector, Battery Powered Flow Computers; or  Mobile applications such as Portable Gas Detection Systems and Well Testing.

Satellite or Dual Mode Sat/Cell Communication for Global Coverage

SAT100 features Inmarsat Global Satellite Communications Coverage.  SAT120 systems feature dual mode SAT/Cell operation.

Class I Div 2 Certification

The SAT100-BAT-MODEM is rated for Class I Div 2 operation required for many Oil and Gas and Pipeline Applications.

Use Diagram

Battery Powered SAT100 Modem Systems can be connected to Battery Powered Flow Meters and Electronic Volume Connections as shown below to provide remote access. No external or solar power is required.

SAT100 Battery Powered Satellite Modem Systems-Electronic Volume Correctors


Electronic Volume Correctors and Electronic Flow Meters 

Battery Powered EVC’s and EFM’s can utilize SAT100-SAT-MODEMs to provide remote access capability.

Electronic Volume Correctoer and Power Meters

SAT120 Battery Power RTU Modem
SAT120 Battery Powered Dual Mode SAT/Cell  Modem Systems

Portable Applications

For portable and mobile applications such as Portable Gas Detection, Well Testing, or Flow Monitoring the battery powered SAT100 Modem/RTU can be used to provide easily deployed remote communications. Since the SAT100 features low powered battery operation, solar power systems for the portable gas detection system may not require upsizing.

Permanent Application

In permanent installations such a electronic volume corrector installations, where small size is required to minimize chance of equipment theft or vandalism; and to maintain site esthetics, the battery powered SAT100 system can be deployed to provide periodically remote meter updates. Remote meter updates may be daily, weekly, or monthly. Low power operation allows years of system operation before battery replacement. Battery Powered SAT100 Systems with 10.8V 6AH Lithium Battery Packs polled up to once a month will last over 2 years before requiring battery replacement.




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