Satellite Generator Monitoring

Monitoring operation of generators can be important in remote applications like oil and gas operations where generators are used to power critical equipment.

Generator monitoring can be simple as a monitoring the run status via a RUN contact; to the monitoring/controlling the operation status of larger generators based on Modbus communication to generator controller.

In order to monitor generator operation in remote areas, satellite based communications may be necessary to ensure connectivity in remote areas where there is no reliable cellular coverage. Bentek Systems offers four models of satellite-based terminals RTU that can be used for generator monitoring: the satellite-based SAT110 and SAT100 and the dual mode Sat/Cell SAT120 and SAT130.

Generator Monitoring using the SAT110 Satellite RTU

The Battery Powered SAT110 with integral vibration sensor, 3 I/O (Digital/Analog), and RS232 connectivity provide a cost effective and flexible platform for Generator Monitoring ranging from simply  monitoring the run/status via vibration sensor to monitor addition critical generator alarms via addition inputs or RS232 communication.

Integral Vibration Sensor for Generator Monitoring

Using the integral Vibration Sensor, the SAT110 can be deployed for generator monitoring without any hard wiring to the generator. The Battery Powered SAT110 is placed on top the generator, and the integral vibration sensor can be used to detect generator RUN status based on the vibration.

Starting Battery Voltage Monitoring

For SAT110 powered from Starting Battery (typically 12vdc), the Battery Voltage can be monitored.  In addition, the Generator RUN status can be inferred from the battery voltage.

Auxilary Inputs (up to 3 I/O)

The SAT110 includes 3 additional I/O (digital inputs, analog inputs, or digital outputs) that can be configured for multiple uses.

Digital Input contacts from the engine can be used to monitor generator status include Run Status and Common Fault Alarms, or Low Fuel Levels.

Analog Inputs can be used to monitoring fuel level, operating voltage, and operating current. Appropriate signal conditioners are required to be used.

RS232 Interface

The SAT110 has a RS232 interface which can be used to interface with generator controllers that communicate via Modbus RTU Protocol.

System Architecture

Alarm Notification

Operators can be notified of Generator Alarms via SMS, Email, or Voice Calls.

Web Access for Status, Alarm History, and Trends

The SatSCADA Platform provides user access to their Generator Fleet including  the GPS Location, Alarm History, and Operating Status via Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers via Web Browser Interface.


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