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SatSCADA SAT1xx Satellite Modems for SCADA and Data Communication

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The SCADALink SAT100, SAT120 and SAT130  satellite modems (SAT1xx series) can be used for transparent SCADA and data communication in applications where terrestrial communications such as private radio systems, or cellular network are not feasible. SAT1xx Satellite Modems are rugged and easy to use for  remote monitoring applications in Oil and Gas, Pipeline, Water, Environmental, and Mining Applications.

RS232 and RS485 Connectivity for SCADA & Data Communication

SAT100, SAT120, and SAT130  with RS232 or RS485 interfaces can  connect to  RTU, PLC, EFM, and Smart Instruments with RS232 or RS485 interfaces.

Ethernet Connectivity for SCADA & Data Communication

SAT130 has Ethernet connectivity to connect to  RTU, PLC, EFM, and Smart Instruments with Ethernet

Low Power Operation

SAT1xx terminals feature low power operation, ideal for solar powered sites commonly used in Oil and Gas, Water, and Environmental applications for connecting to Flow Computers and Data Loggers.

Global Coverage

Global coverage on the Inmarsat satellite network ensures operation worldwide without concern for frequency allocation or cellular network compatibility.

Easy to Use

Access connectivity to SAT1xx terminals over  secure authenticated HTTPS access. Difficult to setup VPNs are not required.  SAT1xx operate as IP modems, with connection by TCP/IP. SAT1xx terminals utilize omni-directional antennas that do not requiring antenna pointing.

Data Throttling

SatSCADA data communication traffic is monitored and throttled at the SatSCADA server to prevent costly data airtime overage.

Always On Bidirectional Connectivity

SAT1xx  Satellite modems features Always On connectivity.  Data can be sent anytime, from Host to Modem, or Modem to Host.  SAT1xx terminals operate on the Inmarsat GEO Satellite network and does not have periods when the Terminal is not unavailable and out of coverage. Sat1xx terminals offer full bidirectional communication allowing control and configuration of site equipment including the SAT1xx.

Integrated GPS

SAT100, SAT120, and SAT130 Satellite Modems feature an integrated GPS which can be utilized to report site location information. The GPS time sync can be used to conserve power of in operating the SAT1xx terminal in periodical sleep mode, or to schedule reports.

Integrated I/O

The SAT100 series terminals have 4 integrated I/O. The I/O can be used for monitoring and control. The digital outputs (DO)  of the SAT1xx terminals can be used for device power control or reboot.

Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Operation and Automatic Fail-Over

The SAT120 and SAT130 series terminals feature Dual Mode Satellite / Cellular Operation.  SAT120 and SAT130 terminals can be used in critical applications relying on reliable connectivity or mobile / portable applications where terrestrial cellular coverage may be marginal.



Terminal Options

SatSCADA Terminals

The SatSCADA Platform includes 4 Models of Satellite Modems.

All SatSCADA Satellite Terminals are capable of Modem, RTU, and Alarm Call-Out Functions.  The choice of SAT1xx terminal will depends on application. The SAT1xxx family includes:

  • SAT100 Satellite Modem,RTU & Alarm Callout
  • SAT110 Battery Powered Satellite Modem, RTU & Alarm Callout
  • SAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modem,RTU, & Alarm Callout
  • SAT130 Wireless Industrial IoT Gateway for Mobile and Fixed Applications
TerminalsSAT 100SAT 110SAT 120SAT 130
DatasheetsDownload Download Download Download
Satellite Communication
Satellite service for exchanging files, forms,
telemetry information and messaging
Two-way satelliteTwo-way satelliteTwo-way satelliteTwo-way satellite
Satellite Messaging
Maximum from-mobile message6,400 bytes6,400 bytes6,400 bytes6,400 bytes
Maximum to-mobile message10,000 bytes10,000 bytes10,000 bytes10,000 bytes
Cellular Communication
Uses and Power
Asset typesFixedFixedFixed
Low power modes
Peripheral Interfaces
Sensor ports to connect to pressure sensors,
volumetric meters, or text messaging terminals
RS485 interface
Internal Battery
Class I Div 2
Enclosure and Hardware Features
Environmentally-sealed enclosure for outdoor installations
Remote satellite antenna for discreet installation in vehicle
Maritime or low-elevation angle model

When to Use SatSCADA Modems

When to Use SAT1xxx Satellite Modems

SatSCADA Satellite Communication use in  Rugged Terrain

Satellite communication may be the only option in hilly, mountainous or heavy forested terrains where RF paths are obstructed. Construction of repeaters and tower infrastructure for cellular or private radio systems may not be feasible due to the cost or logistic considerations.

scada communication hill

Isolated Remote Sites

Satellite based communications may be the only alternative for SCADA  communications to isolated remote sites far away from any cellular or private communications infrastructure.

Mobile or Portable Applications

For mobile applications such as well testing, frac monitoring, gas detection, or air quality monitoring; satellite or satellite/cellular communication allow  wide area pervasive coverage and rapid deployment. SAT1xx terminals are ideal for mobile or portable applications since its omni-directional satellite antenna systems do not require pointing. SAT120 terminals offer dual mode satellite/cellular operation offering automatic fail-over from cellular to satellite.

Remote Pump Monitoring


SatSCADA Satellite Communication Use Considerations


Satellite communications is inherently more costly and has higher latency than private radio and cellular based data communication.  These factors must be considered in its application.

SCADA Protocols

Use efficient SCADA protocols and configure contiguous poll blocks when possible.  Poll only at the interval required for the application. Latency may not allow operation with some software applications as communications parameters  were designed with direct connection and may not be adjustable to account for longer delays.

Dual Mode Satellite / Cellular Operation

With the SAT120 and SAT130 modems with satellite and cellular operations; cellular may be used as the primary connection when available.



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