Benefits of SatSCADA for Satellite Remote Monitoring

Satellite Remote Monitoring Technology is the term used for the use of systems use satellite data communication for applications used  remote monitoring. Satellite communications can be used  for fixed site remote monitoring applications where there no reliable terrestrial coverage;  or in mobile applications where operating locations there is no guarantee of reliable terrestrial coverage.

This document describes SatSCADA technologies compared to alternative satellite technologies.

 Satellite for Fixed Site Applications

Use of Satellite Technology for fixed sites can eliminate the need for repeater systems and large towers to overcome the terrain obstructions such as foilage, hills, mountain and earth curvature. Satellite techlogy is used where the application spans large distances such as pipeline systems; or applications where the applications is located in remote areas such as mining or oil and gas production. Satellite offers a ubitiquous connectivity at sites simplying deployment and support.

Satellite for Mobile Applications

Mobile applications, often require rapid and simply deployment. This means that in these application can have need  for omni directional antennae so no pointing is required; or for higher bandwidth applications, VSAT satellite antenna systems that are auto-pointing.  SatSCADA uses low cost omni-direction antennae systems.

VSAT versus Low Bandwidth Systems

VSAT systems are required for high bandwidth applications such as SCADA applications or video applications.  SatSCADA is a low bandwith applications.

GEO versus LEO Satellite systems.

Satellite System can be GEO (Geosynchronous)  such VSAT and Inmarsat based systems or LEO (Low Earth Orbit) such as Globalstar, and Iridium.

One Way vs Bi-Directional Satellite Technologies

Alternative technologies for Satellite based systems can include one way systems like GlobalStar, or GOES or two way systems like VSAT, Inmarsat, or Iridium.  Two way system provide more flexibility as systems can be interrogated on demand; and reconfigured remotely. One way systems, have a fixed regime offer low cost solutions for specific.  SatSCADA are two way system.

Low Power Draw

Satellite systems can range from low power systems like SatsCADA and Globalstar (with power draws sub 1W ) to higher power VSAT systems (drawing 70 – 100 Watt plus)

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