The SAT1oo Satellite RTU System is ideal for remote water tank level monitoring application in areas where there is limited terrestrial coverage.

In recent application for a remote community in Northern California there was need to be able to monitor the water supply tank over the internet. With the water tank is situated on a hill surrounded by large redwood trees, satellite communication was the only viable option to provide remote connectivity from the tank site. Cellular communications was only available after a 30-minute drive from the site. Use of SAT100 based satellite communications allowed connectivity with minimal of infrastructure.

The water tank site did not have AC line power and required remote power generation.  Use of solar power was even challenging due to the tree coverage. The low power draw of the satellite allowed minimum power requirements and allowed use of solar power system even with limited solar charging window to generate adequate power.

Rural Water Tank Level Monitoring Using SAT100 Modem/RTU/Alarm Callout

The SatSCADA system deployed provides regular updates of tank level and tank volume  to assist in the operation of the water system, providing trends and alarm notification. Out of range conditions caused alarm notification via SMS, Email, and voice to allow a rapid response.

The SatSCADA system allowed users to access real time data anywhere via smartphone, tablets or desktops. The web based system allows minimal of deployment cost.




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