SatSCADA Satellite Alarm Callout Systems

The SatSCADA platform provides flexible cost effective alarm call-out solutions for remote sites not covered by terrestrial communications.  

The SatSCADA Platform features 4 models:

SAT100 SAT110 SAT120 SAT130 
SAT100 TerminalSAT110 Satellite based Alarm Monitoring

All SAT1xx terminals features:

  • Satellite Communication for World Wide Operation
  • Integrated I/O – 4 AI/DI/DO 
  • Modbus Master and Slave Communications to Modbus Devices
  • GPS
  • Low Power Operation
  • Class I Div 2 Rating
  • Remote Configuration
  • Status Update on Alarm, Schedule, and Demand
  • Email,SMS, and Voice Alarm Notification from SatSCADA Server
  • High Available Managed Service
  • SatSCADA Web Interface
  • Modbus Proxy
  • Modem, RTU, and Alarm Functionality

Monitoring I/O and Modbus I/O

SAT1xx terminals can monitor hardwired I/O and I/O from PLC/RTU/EFM devices connected via Modbus RTU protocol.  Modbus connectivity provides flexibility to connect to new and existing site controllers and devices.

SatSCADA – Alarm Notification – Email, SMS, & Voice Alarm Notification

  • SAT1xx Terminals can be configured to generate callout messages on Alarm Conditions on configured tag points/
  • Alarm Callout Feature of the SatSCADA Terminals can be utilized to provide Alarm Callout function from a single alarm point connected to integrated SAT1xx I/O to multiple Modbus registers polled from RTU/PLC at larger remote facilities.
  • When an Alarm Callout message is generated, all TAG point data is updated along with the TAG point that generated the alarm.
  • Callout Messages are sent from SAT1xx to the SatSCADA Server where customers can interface from their SCADA Host via the SatSCADA Client using modbus or monitored using the SatSCADA Notifier to generate email or SMS notifications or optional Voice Notification


SAT1xx Terminals have integrated GPS enabling alarm applications for mobile equipment to be provided with up to date equipment location.

SAT110 Plug and Play Operation

The SAT110 with integral vibration sensor, battery power, and magnetic mounting allows the SAT110 to be easily deployed for RUN/NO-RUN monitoring applications such as compressors and generators.  No I/O and power wiring would required if integral vibration sensor can be utilized to monitor RUN status.

SAT20 Sat/Cellular Dual Mode Operation

The SAT120 features dual mode satellite-cellular communications to ensure connectivity in critical and mobile applications.

Lowest Life-Cycle Cost

SAT1xx terminals with integrated satellite communication, RS232 & RS485 serial communications, and  Modbus I/O in an integrated package minimizes integration costs.  Highly reliable Satellite communications insures against costly trouble calls due to communications failure. Elevated antenna systems are not required.   SAT1xx terminals completely remote configurable minimizing expensive field service trips.

Ease of Use

SatSCADA SAT1xx is a hosted  and managed Alarm Callout Solution, with the SatSCADA server providing email, SMS, and voice notifications for alarms configured in the SAT1xx terminals. The hosted and monitored solution ensures maximum availability and configuration control. SAT1xx terminals can be locally and remotely configured.

SatSCADA’s intuitive web interface ensures ease of use by all users. Site status can be viewed from web browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones.  The SatSCADA Web Interface provides Tag, Alarm History, Trend, & Map Views

Users Access Laptop and Smartphone   SatSCADA Web Client Map View   SatSCADA Web Client Site View   SatSCADA Web Client Tag View   Alarmcallout Trend View

SCADA System Integration

All SAT1xx terminals feature complete Modem, RTU, and Alarm Functionality allowing immediate or future integration into SCADA, data acquisition, and data logging systems.

SatSCADA Alarm Callout Architecture




SatSCADA Terminals

The SatSCADA Family of Satellite Terminals include the SAT100, SAT110, SAT120, & SAT130 Terminals. All terminals provide Modem, RTU, & Alarm Callout Functionality.

SAT100 Satellite Based Remote MonitoringSAT110 Battery Powered Satellite RTU/Alarm CalloutSAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular ModemSAT130 Wireless Industrial IoT Gateway
SAT100 TerminalSAT110 Satellite based Alarm Monitoring


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