Alarm Callout Systems have evolved from simple systems that performed voice or tone notification via dial-out telephone or radio channels to Cloud-Based Systems with function rivaling that of Enterprise SCADA Systems.

SCADALink SAT1xx based Alarm Callout packages supported by SatSCADA Cloud-Based Monitoring Platform are Cost Effective Scale-able Alarm Callout Solutions for Industrial Applications.   Advantages of SatSCADA Cloud-Based Alarm Callout Systems include:

  • Managed Service Operation
  • Centralized Configuration
  • Monitored Operation
  • Web Portal with Alarm History / Trending
  • SCADA Integration  – Modbus Slave / Modbus Proxy
  • Multiple Alarm Notification Methods – Email/SMS/Voice
  • Scaleability
  • Standardized  Hardware Platforms
  • Improved System Support






with these benefits, SatSCADA Cloud-based Alarm Callout Systems is a superior long-term alternative to stand-alone Alarm Callout System for mission-critical industrial applications.

Managed Serviced Operation

SatSCADA Cloud-based Monitoring is provided as a managed service that includes Web Portal,  Alarm Notification,  Cellular and satellite airtime in the single monthly fee.  Managed service operation provides system support and a single point of contact.

Centralized Cloud Configuration

When a company has multiple callout nodes, it is easier to manage a centrally configured systems that to a managed set of individually managed devices.

For example in the oil and gas industry, when assets are sold devices had to be re-programmed as different groups now manage the assets. Likewise, when personnel has changed, the alarm callout devices has to be reconfigured.

SatSCADA features centralized management of remote sites alarm notifications. Changes to a voice, SMS, email callout lists can be changed centrally for each group of SAT1xx terminals.  Notification Recipients can be tested with the SatSCADA Web interface.

SatSCADA Cloud-Based Alarm Callout

Monitored Operation

A Cloud-based systems features monitored operation ensure high availability.

Web Portal with Alarm History & Trending

SatSCADA Cloud Platforms includes SatSCADA Web GUI allows user access via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the customers’ group of sites.  The Web Portal provides Tag, Alarm Summary, Trend, and Maps Views.

The SatSCADA Cloud provides Alarm Summary/History displays.

The SatSCADA Cloud include Trending. The trends provide a graphic view of Alarm and Point Status can be used to help determine nature of problems.


SatSCADA Cloud-Based systems are highly scalable. The system can be expanded from a single node to Enterprise-wide System without taxing your internal E & I support team.

Cloud Based Enterprise Reliability

SatsCADA Cloud is an Enterprise-grade system thas it monitored 24/7 with high-speed redundant Internet connectivity. Cloud connectivity ensures notification mechanism such as Email, SMS, and Voice alarm notification mechanism has high availability.

SCADA Compatible – Modbus Slave / Modbus Proxy

The SatSCADA Platform’s Modbus Proxy and Modbus Slave mode can allow integration with third-party SCADA systems.

Standard Off the Shelf Hardware

SatSCADA Alarm Callout systems include several off-shelf hardware options to provide a fit for purpose solution. SatSCADA hardware supports wireless technologies include satellite, cellular, spread spectrum radio, and wireless sensor technologies.  Systems can be expandable from systems with onboard I/O to models with I/O Expansion.  PLC/RTU are connected via RS232 & RS485 Serial Connections or Ethernet. SatSCADA packages are available in complete packaged systems.  Class I Div 2 Hazardous Area certified packages for allow operation in the most rugged industrial sites.  Solar and AC Powered with Battery Backup are available.

Improved System Support

SAT1xx Alarm Callout Package with Managed Services ensure easy of support.  Alarm Configurations are centrally maintained.

Multiple Alarm Notification Methods

The SatSCADA Platform supports multiple server-based Alarm Notification Methods including Email, SMS, and Voice. This ensures that reliable delivery of the alarm notification.

Alarm Notification Info

On an Alarm Condition for Tags configured for Alarms,  the SatSCADA Alarm Notification provides Site Name, Tag Name, Alarm Condition (Lo/Hi) & Current Tag Value, and Date/Time. Recipients can Acknowledge Notifications via Email, SMS, or Voice.

Email & SMS Notification

Email and SMS notifications feature alarm information as described above.

SatSCADA Cloud-Based Alarm Callout

Voice Notification

Voice Notification Assures Message Delivery

With critical industrial alarms requiring timely action, voice notification functionality can ensure a higher level of assurance of message delivery. SatSCADA Voice Notification can be set to call repeatedly until acknowledged. In addition, voice notification can be directed to landline phone numbers for delivery of after normal business hour alarms.

Text to Speech

SatSCADA Voice Notification utilizes Synthesized Text to Speech technology for notifications. The Text to Speech is on based on Alarm Callout configurations in SatSCADA terminal.  Text to Speech Technology simplifies voice callout configuration since manual message recording is not required. Text to Speech matches Alarm notifications for SMS and email. This feature is especially important in the maintenance of large-scale systems.

…Click to hear SatSCADA Text to Speech example