SatSCADA Cloud Based SCADA

SatSCADA Cloud is a Cloud based SCADA & Remote Monitoring Platform that includes:

  • Data Archival and Historical Trending
  • Alarm Notification via SMS, Email, & Voice
  • Mobile Aware Web Client compatible with Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones

SatSCADA provides integrated support of SCADALink SAT1xx terminals (SAT100, SAT110, SAT120, and SAT130) with integrated I/O or SAT1xx terminals connected to RTU,PLC, EFM and Data Logger systems.

In addition, SatSCADA can support other devices via CSV Data Import/Export. This provides a flexible open interface for common industrial systems including PLC, RTU, EFM, Data Loggers, and even third party SCADA systems.

The SatSCADA Mobile Aware Web Client make it cost effective and easy to use for many applications; allow deployment of systems ranging from one to hundreds of remote sites; and allowing cost effective access from one to many users.



Data Input & Archival

Data Retrieval & Archival

SatSCADA provides Cloud based Data Retrieval & Archival for data from:

  • Data Push from SAT1xx terminals,
  • SatSCADA Polling,
  • Data Import – Automatic & Manual

Data is archived in an SQL database in the secure SatSCADA Cloud Server.

Data Push from SAT1xx Terminals

SatSCADA supports SAT1xx terminals data updates via Scheduled, Event, or Demand Updates from remote SAT1xx Terminals. Since SAT1xx Data Push includes GPS Time for the SAT1xx’s GPS, the time stamp data is  very accurate and reliable.

SatSCADA Polling

SatSCADA can retrieve data RTU, PLC, and EFM using standard industrial protocols.

Data Import

SatSCADA support historic and real time data from Data Loggers, RTU, PLCs, and EFM using scheduled data import methods. Data Imports can be used for higher resolution data, and for applications where the device may be out of satellite or cellular coverage for some periods.

Web Client

Web Client

A key feature of SatSCADA platform is the easy-to-use Mobile Aware Web Client compatible with Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.

Mobile Aware Web Client

SatSCADA Web is optimized for operation with Mobile Devices ensuring ease of use in all applications.

SAT1xx Portal

SatSCADA Web provides highly integrated portal support for SAT1xx terminals providing Auto Generated Web Pages from SAT1xx terminal configurations. This minimizes deployment costs.

SatSCADA Web Client Functions

  • Secure Login
  • Site Summary
  • Tag Summary
  • Alarm Summary & History
  • Trending
  • Map View
  • Data Import/Export Screens
  • Diagnostics


Login with Smartphone
SatSCADA Web Client Map View   SatSCADA Web Client Site View   SatSCADA Web Client Tag View   Alarmcallout Trend View


Alarm Notification

Alarm Notification

SatSCADA supports multiple server based Alarm Notification Methods including Email, SMS, and Voice.

Alarm Notification Info

On an Alarm Condition for Tags configured for Alarms,  the SatSCADA Alarm Notification provides Site Name, Tag Name, Alarm Condition (Lo/Hi) & Current Tag Value, and Date/Time. Recipients can Acknowledge Notifications via Email, SMS, or Voice.

Cloud Based Alarm Management

SatSCADA  features centralized management of remote sites alarm notifications. Changes to a voice, SMS, email callout lists can be changed centrally for each group of SAT1xx terminals.  Notification Recipients can be tested with the SatSCADA Web interface.

Cloud Based Reliability

SatSCADA is a monitored cloud based system insuring maximum uptime. Notification from the cloud with network connectivity ensures alarm delivery.

Email & SMS Notification

Email and SMS notifications feature alarm information as described above.

Voice Notification

Voice Notification Assures Message Delivery

With critical industrial alarms requiring timely action, voice notification functionality can insure a higher level of assurance of message delivery. SatSCADA Voice Notification can be set to call repeatedly until acknowledged . In addition, voice notification can be directed to landline phone numbers for delivery of after normal business hour alarms.

Text to Speech  

SatSCADA Voice Notification utilizes Synthesized Text to Speech technology for notifications. The Text to Speech is on based on Alarm Callout configurations in SatSCADA terminal.  Text to Speech Technology simplifies voice callout configuration, since manual message recording is not required. Text to Speech matches Alarm notifications for SMS and email. This feature is especially important in maintenance of large scale systems.

…Click to hear SatSCADA Text to Speech example





SatSCADA provides standard and custom reporting on archived data accessible via the Mobile Web Client Menus.

SatSCADA Web Client can provide CSV Data Export on all historic data.


FTP Proxy

SCADALink SAT1xx Series of Sat/Cellular Gateway supported by the SatSCADA Platform has FTP Proxy Mechanism that allows easy to to deployment of file transfer from remote field devices such as EFM, PLC, RTU, or Weigh Scales.  SAT1xx can transfer files even in remote areas without terrestrial communications.

The SAT130 provides a FTP Proxy mechanism which can function both as a FTP Client or Server.  In FTP Server mode, the customer’s remote device (computer, flow computer, EFM, RTU, or weigh scale) sends files to the SAT130 which in turn can sends it to the customer’s FTP server.   In the SAT130 FTP Client Mode, the customer device can generate files to a watched fold  which can be transferred by the SAT130.

see more on SAT130 FTP Proxy..



SatSCADA Cloud offer the following benefits.

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Multi-User Access
  • Integrated
  • Scaleable


SatSCADA Cloud can be used to provide visualization to a remote device or network of devices  including:

  • PLC
  • RTU
  • EFM / Flow Computers
  • Weigh Scales
  • Data Loggers
  • IP Cameras
  • Engine Controller
  • Instruments

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