SatSCADA Modbus Proxy

The SatSCADA Modbus Proxy allows easy SCADA Host interfacing to SAT1xxx terminals utilized in ALARM CALLOUT mode. The Modbus Proxy provides a virtual Modbus RTU that SCADA hosts can poll using Modbus RTU protocol over TCP/IP.  The SatSCADA Modbus Proxy allows Modbus access to Tags configured in the SAT1xx terminal.

The use of the Modbus Proxy ensures SCADA Host interfacing does not incur additional satellite airtime since the virtual Modbus RTU registers are updated based on alarm callout or scheduled update from the SAT1xx terminal.  The Modbus Proxy allows read only access of virtual Modbus RTU.

Integrate SAT1xx Alarm Callouts to SCADA Host Systems

SatSCADA terminals provide cost effective remote site monitoring at sites with minimal monitoring requirements.  The SatSCADA Modbus Proxy allows quick integration of SatSCADA Alarm Callouts into SCADA Host Systems  as most SCADA hosts support Modbus RTU Protocol.  SatSCADA Modbus Proxy enables easy integration of digital and analog alarms Tags into the SCADA host configuration for Tag database, Mimic Graphics, and Alarm History. The Modbus Proxy can allow the SCADA host  interface to historical trends of analog Tags when the analog Tags are configured for periodically update. Alarm Callouts using SAT1xx can be integrated in SCADA hosts immediately or in the future.

SatSCADA Modbus Proxy Architecture


SatSCADA Terminals

The SatSCADA Family of Satellite Terminals include the SAT100, SAT110, & SAT120 Terminals. All terminals provide Modem, RTU, & Alarm Callout Functionality.

SAT100 Satellite Based Remote MonitoringSAT110 Battery Powered Satellite RTU/Alarm CalloutSAT120 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modem
SAT100 TerminalSAT110 Satellite based Alarm Monitoring