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SatSCADA Satellite IoT

The SCADALink SAT110 Satellite based RTU/Alarm Callout operating on the SatSCADA platform offers the easiest to deploy Remote Monitoring System anywhere.  With battery powered operation and world wide connectivity, the SAT110 on the SatSCADA platform defines Satellite IoT (Internet of Things) for Remote Industrial Applications.

Easy Installation

No Wire Installs

The SAT110 with Battery Powered  Operation, Integral Vibration Sensor, and Magnetic Mounting offers No Wire Installs for Run-No Run Monitoring of Generators, Pumps, and Compressors.

SAT110 - Easy Installation

Alarm Input Contact Monitoring

The batttery powered SAT110 can be used to monitor 3 alarm contact inputs.   Battery powered operation insures operation at remote sites without power and operation at powered sites during a power outage. The SAT110 can also be powered by an external 10-30 VDC power source to eliminate need for battery replacement.

SAT110&JunctionBox     Float Switch

Worldwide Satellite Based Communication

Operation on the Global Inmarsat Satellite Network ensures operation without concern for cellular provisioning and terrain/foliage obstructions.

Inmarsat Gloabl Satellite Coverage Map

No Additional Equipment Required with End to End System 

The SAT110 and the Hosted SatSCADA Application with web access  means users can use systems without need for additional hardware/ software; or even software installation for complete end to end alarm monitoring operation.  The SatSCADA application includes SMS and email notification. The SatSCADA Web interface provides access by one to many users without additional cost.

Mobile Aware Web Based User Interface

SatSCADA’s Web Based Interface is optimized for mobile devices allow intuitive user experience on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops for convenient user access anywhere.

Web Client LaptopsDesktopsSmartphone - Map View

SatSCADA Web Client - Login   Web Client - PumpMate - Alarm - Tag - View   SatSCADA Web Client Site View   web client - TrendView


SAT110 operation on the SatSCADA platform offers simple to deploy and scalable operation for alarming and RUN / NO-RUN monitoring applications for many industries.

Generator /Engine Monitoring   more…

Install SAT110 on Mobile Diesel Backup Generator using Vibration Sensor to Monitor Run-No Run Condition.

Mobile Diesel Backup Generator for Office Building

Remote Building Security

SAT110 can be installed at remote sites to monitor intrusion. Satellite communication provide connectivity at remote sites without cellular and telephone lines.

Remote Building Security

Tank Level Monitoring

Tank Level Monitoring

Flood Monitoring   more…

Use SAT110 with Float switch to notify of Flood conditions.

Flood Monitoring

Livestock Water Supply Monitoring more…

livestock monitoring water system





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