SatSCADA Groundwater Monitoring Packages are Designed for Easy Field Installation …

The features of SatSCADA Groundwater Monitoring Packages include:

  • Compact Size
  • Casing Protector Mounting Brackets
  • Modular Mounting Stands
  • Custom Wellhead Mounting Brackets
  • Complete Field Ready Installation Kits

Compact Size

The compact size of SatSCADA Groundwater Monitoring packages makes for easy field installation at remote sites. SatSCADA RTU Packages feature low power operation so they can be battery powered or powered by small solar power systems. Satellite communications enable communications at remote sites without meed for a large antenna and antenna towers so they can be easily mounted on the casing protector as shown.


Casing Protector Mounting Brackets

Casing protector mounting enables easy installation on groundwater monitoring wells. Existing groundwater wells can be setup for low power remote monitoring by changing the well cap and adding the monitoring package as shown.


Modular Stands

Modular RTU Stands can allow for flexible mounting of Groundwater Monitoring Systems in the field. Stands are used when the RTU Package include Solar Panels & Antenna Packages requiring additional support mechanisms. The modular RTU Stands can be mounted on rig mats or concrete blocks for self support anchoring. Alternatively the RTU stands can be secured using pegs or screw anchors.

groundwater-rtu-stand  Installation Rigmats

Custom Wellhead Clamps

For Groundwater Monitoring Systems in Oil and Gas Applications where the monitoring wells are installed re-purposed gas wells or require oil and gas wellheads ,  custom wellhead mounting clamps can be provided to provide easy mounting on production wellheads as shown.

SAGD Groundwater Monitoing RTUSAGD Groundwater RTU Connection
SAGD Groundwater Well


Complete Field Installation Kits

SatSCADA Groundwater Monitoring Systems can be supplied complete ready for installation. This includes complete wired and tested systems with all necessary field mounting brackets, cabling, and grounding.

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