Sat1xx terminals can be invaluable for Portable Equipment Monitoring and Control in Remote Locations.


For Equipment such as Mobile Light Towers, Generators, Roadside LED Signs, Heater operating unattended at remote locations, monitoring operation may important for safety and operational integrity.The SAT1xx performs monitoring

Mobile Diesel Backup Generator for Office Building

SAT1xx terminal can monitor equipment and provide notification via Email, SMS, or Voice Callout. Web Access to Site Operation can be used to view status of individual or equipment fleet as well as location.

Login with Smartphone

SatSCADA Web Client Map View  SatSCADA Web Client Site View  SatSCADA Web Client Tag View  SatSCADA Web Client Trend View


Operational Status

Run –No Status,  Fuel Level, and Operation Alarms.


Remote Control


Monitor GPS Location


*Picture of GPS Location, and Smartphone


*Voice Notification





Mobile Light Towers


Roadside LED Signs

Portable Heaters





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