SatSCADA Voice Notification

SatSCADA SAT1xx Series RTU/Alarm Callouts feature synthesized text to speech voice alarm notification via the Cloud based SatSCADA Server.  Voice Alarm Notification augments SatSCADA’s SMS & Email Notification options.

Voice Notification Assures Message Delivery

With critical industrial alarms requiring timely action, voice notification functionality can insure a higher level of assurance of message delivery. SatSCADA Voice Notification can be set to call repeatedly until acknowledged . In addition, voice notification can be directed to landline phone numbers for delivery of after normal business hour alarms.

Text to Speech  

SatSCADA Voice Notification utilizes Synthesized Text to Speech technology for notifications. The Text to Speech is on based on Alarm Callout configurations in SatSCADA terminal.  Text to Speech Technology simplifies voice callout configuration, since manual message recording is not required. Text to Speech matches Alarm notifications for SMS and email. This feature is especially important in maintenance of large scale systems.

SatSCADA is a monitored cloud hosted alarm  system to insure  minimum downtime.  The hosted SatSCADA  system allows centralized management of alarm callout sites.

…Click to hear SatSCADA Text to Speech example

Cloud Based System

SatSCADA is a monitored cloud based system insuring  minimum downtime.  The hosted SatSCADA  system allows centralized management of remote sites alarm configuration. Changes to a voice, SMS, email callout lists can be changed centrally for each group of SAT1xx termials in a callout group.

Simple Configuration

Voice notification can be easily configured to augment alarms configured for SMS, Email notifications just by  enabling and configuring a voice notification phone number list.

Voice Notification Info

  • SAT1xx Terminals can be configured to generate callout messages on Alarm Conditions on configured tag points.
  • When an Voice Notification message is generated; the Voice notification includes Site Name, Tag Name, Alarm Condition (Lo/Hi) & Current Tag Value, and Date/Time.
  • The recipient can Acknowledge or Repeat Notification.

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