Monitoring Operational Status is important for remote unattended operations such as Remote Pumping or Heating Applications.

Power Failure or Pump Failure in Pumping Operations can cause overflow. Power Failure or Heater Failure could cause freeze up and equipment damage in operations requiring Heating.

SatSCADA can be used for monitoring and remote alarm notification at remote sites without telephone or cell coverage.

The SatSCADA Platform can utilize Wireless Sensor Technology to provide easy deployment in applications where sensor wiring is inconvenient or impractical.

Wireless Sensor System Architecture




Dewatering Pump Monitoring

The following SAT100 based RTU system was used to monitor a dewatering pump operation of a mine dewatering site (GENERATOR RUN, PUMP RUN, HIGH LEVEL).

Wireless Sensors Benefits

In this system, wireless sensors technology were was used for GENERATOR-RUN, and PUMP-RUN Status. The use of wireless sensors minimized cable clutter and the risk of cable damage. The flexibility of wireless sensor systems allow easy addition of monitoring points, and reconfiguration of equipment.


Wired System Cabling

A previous system deployment used wires to connect to the various sensors.  The wires created cable clutter and where subject to mechanical damage.







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