System Overview

The SCADALink PumpMate Control Systems is a  modular self contained Pump Control System that can be expanded from a one to 20 nodes. A PumpMate system consists of a Single  Master Pump Node Panel and 19 additional Pump/Meter Nodes Panels.

A PumpMate Node consists of a PLC System with Touchscreen Interface with  License Free Wireless Communications designed and pre-configured for flexible modular control of Pump Strings. The PumpMate system can be completely field configured via menus on the color touchscreen HMI.

Once properly configured, the complete Pumping System can be controlled from any the the PumpMate Nodes.

Each PumpMate Node can configured to connect to a VFD Driven Pump, or Diesel Engine Driven Pump, or used strictly as a Metering Node. Each PumpMate Node allows  remote Starting/Stopping of Pump, ESD the Pump System, and Changing the Pump Speeds; and Monitoring of Pumping Operations including Run Status, Inlet/Outlet Pressures, Outlet Temperature, Outlet Flow, and 3 Auxiliary Flows and Levels.  Each Pump can be interlocked to any Pump in the System.

License Free Wireless Communications Technology is used in the PumpMate system to connect the Remote PumpMate Nodes.

It is recommended that a  PumpMate Master Node be located at the first inlet pump, or at a central site with the most stable power source.

The PumpMate System can be connected to WAN/Internet via a SatSCADA SAT130 Gateway to allow SatSCADA or third Party SCADA System to Access to monitor a complete PumpMate Network.

Water Transfer Monitoring Functionality

  • Pump Inlet Pressure
  • Pump Outlet Pressure
  • Pump Outlet Temperature
  • Flow Rates (Outlet Flow and 3 Auxiliary Flows)
  • Daily and Total Accumulated Flow
  • Tank and Pit Levels (Up to 3)
  • Remote Pump Start, Stop
  • Emergency Pump Shutdown
  • Remote Speed, Flow, and Pressure Control
  • Leak Detection and Shutdown
  • Frac Tank Levels (Up to 10)

PumpMate Pump Monitoring and Control System

PumpMate Panel for Diesel Driven Pumps

PumpMate Pump Monitoring and Control System

PumpMate System for Permanent AC  (VFD) Powered Pump

PumpMate System for Permanent AC  (VFD) Powered Pump PumpMate System for Permanent AC  (VFD) Powered Pump

Pumping System

PumpMate - Pumping System PumpMate - Pumping System

Utility Powered  VFD Driven Pump

PumpMate - Utility Powered  VFD Driven Pump PumpMate - Utility Powered  VFD Driven Pump

Diesel Powered Transfer Pumps

PumpMate - Diesel Powered Transfer Pumps PumpMate - Diesel Powered Transfer Pumps



PumpMate Panels

Modular PumpMate System with SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cellular Gateway

PumpMate Frac Tank Monitoring

PumpMate Control Panel Interfacing VFD Driven Pumps

PumpMate can monitor and control VFD driven Pumps via I/O (DI, DO, AI (4-20 ma), AO (4-20ma); and Modbus (RS485, Modbus TCP) protocols interfacing.  PumpMate can be used for portable or permanently installed pump systems.

PumpMate Control Panel for Permanent VFD Driven Pumps

Supported Diesel Engine Driven Pumps Controllers

PumpMate can interface to Pump Skids that utilize commonly used Pump Controllers via RS485 Modbus, and Ethernet (Modbus TCP)  and I/O Port connectivity.


PumpMate - Supported Engine Controllers

Controls Inc

PumpMate - Supported Engine ControllersPumpMate - Supported Engine Controllers


PumpMate - Supported Engine ControllersPumpMate - Supported Engine Controllers



PumpMate HMI

Each PumpMate HMI features a 7″ Water Resistant Color Touchscreen Interface. With the PumpMate System, any pump  and the complete pumping system can be monitored and controlled from any other pump.

Overview Screen

The Overview Screen shows the status of all nodes in Pumping System in a tabular fashion. To see details of specific Node, press the Name of the Specific Node.  Up to 20 Nodes can be shown on 2 Pages. The local node that you are presently at is displayed in white text.

Pump Node Screens

Each Pump Node screen shows the detailed status of node and allows remote control of the Node.

HOA Status (Hand, Off, Auto) will be displayed. Interlocks are displayed. Pump Operation including Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, Outlet Temperature, VIbration, and Flow is shown.

From this screen, the Pump can Started or Stopped; and  the Speed Setpoint changed.

The Configure menu enables Configuration of the Node. The Alarm menu allows display of Alarm History of the Node. Selecting Overview returns back to Overview Screen.

Communication Status

Pump Node Configuration Screens

The Pump Configuration Screens enable configuration of  Node Type (Pump, Engine Driven Pump), Flow Flow Meter Type,  Pump Interlocks, and Leak Detection Parameters.

When the Pump Node is displayed in White Text; it indicates you are editing the local node.




Pump Node Alarm Summary

The Pump Node Alarm Summary Menu is display Alarm Summary and History.



The PumpMate System is  a flexible modular Pump Control System that utilizes the same PumpMate Node for each Pump in the Pump String and for Metering Node.  Each PumpMate can be configured to used with Diesel Pumps,  AC VFD Driven Pumps, and serve as a Metering Only Node simply through the Color Touchscreen HMI.

PumpMate - System Components

The PumpMate Systems are Modular  including the PumpMate Control Panel,  PumpMate Power Supply Panels, and a SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cellular Gateway as shown.  This modularity allows for flexibility, rapid deployment, maintainability, and simplified troubleshooting.

PumpMate - System Components

The PumpMate Panel interfaces to Diesel Pump and VFD Drives through a combination of I/O and RS485 Modbus Connection to enable reliable operation. The user interface for a Pump is the same regardless if it a Diesel Pump or AC Driven Pump.

Users have complete Monitoring and Control of the Pumping System and and Pump for any PumpMate Node in the system.

Licence Free Wireless Communications

PumpMate Panels communicate via License Free 900 Mhz Wireless Network Communication



Instrumentation supplied with PumpMate Monitoring and Control Systems include:

  • Pressure Transducers (Inlet & Discharge)
  • Temperature Transducers (Discharge Temperature)
  • Flow Meters and Switchs – Mag, Turbine, and Ultrasonic (Discharge and Delivery)
  • Level Transducers – Submersible Pressure, Ultrasonic (Pit, C-Ring, Tanks)
  • Vibration Sensors

Instrumentation supported include Analog (4-20ma), Digital, or Modbus Protocol based devices.

Pit Level Measurement using Submersible Pressure Sensor

Pit Levels are measured using a vented Submersible Pressure Sensor.  Pit Level Sensors can be connected directly to PumpMate Panels or via Wireless Sensor Nodes.

PumpMate Instrumentation - Pit Level Measurement using Submersible Pressure Sensor   PumpMate Instrumentation

C-Ring Ultrasonic Level Sensor with Wireless Transmitter Node c/w Mounting Bracket

The assembly can be easily deployed by clamping on  the C-Ring. Wireless connectivity minimizes wire damage and clutter in field installations.

PumpMate Instrumentation - Ultrasonic Level Sensor with Wireless Transmitter Node PumpMate Instrumentation - Ultrasonic Level Sensor with Wireless Transmitter Node

Magnetic Flow Meter

PumpMate Instrumentation - Magnetic Flow Meter PumpMate Instrumentation - Magnetic Flow Meter

Wireless Sensor Nodes

Sensor Nodes can be deployed with wireless Sensor Nodes, where cable lengths are impractical.

PumpMate Instrumentation - Wireless Sensor Node

Wireless Submersible Pressure Transmitter (Pits, C-Ring, and Frac Tanks)



PumpMate - Pit

PumpMate - C-Ring PumpMate - C-Ring

PumpMate - Remote Pump

PumpMate - Water Transfer PumpMate - Water Transfer

PumpMate - Magnetic Flow Meter

PumpMate System PumpMate System


Wireless Pit Level Sensor





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PumpMate Monitoring and Control

Frac Tank Monitoring

Satellite Based Remote Monitoring

Level Sensor