Real Time Monitoring of  Frac Tank Levels is important to prevent over-flows and to prevent low tank level shut down of a frac stage.

The SCADALInk PumpMate Platform includes Frac Tank Monitoring functionality where a frac tank battery of up to 10 tanks can be be monitored. PumpMate Frac Tank Monitoring uses Wireless Sensor Nodes communicating back to a PumpMate Node that can display and annunciate alarms local via a beacon and remotely via email, SMS, or voice notification.

High level alarms can enable alarm notification and remote shutdowns.   The PumpMate Frac Tank Monitor Node can be used standalone or integrated with PumpMate Pump Nodes for complete Remote Pump Monitoring and Control.

PumpMate Panel

The PumpMate RTU is comprised of Color Touchcreen HMI/PLC in a NEMA4 Enclosure. This panel can be mounted on on equipment or skid; or supplied as Portable System. The PumpMate RTU/HMI can be mounted in a Portable Pelican Case for transportable operation.

A SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cell Gateway is used to provide connectivity of the Frac Monitoring in the most remote oil field areas.


SAT130 Dual Mode Satelite/Cellular Gateway Option for Remote Monitoring

A SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cellular Gateway combined with the SatSCADA Platform can be used to provide remote monitoring access to the PumpMate Frac Monitoring System. This provides can Alarm Notification via SMS, Email, and Voice Notification. If addition it can provide Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop access via Web Based Application.


PumpMate Frac Tank  Screens

The Frac Tank screen can display the levels of up to 10 frac tanks, Tanks are shown as ORANGE of High Level Warning, and RED for Hi-Hi Level Shutdown.  The PumpMate RTU can be supplied with beacon for local annuncation.


Wireless Sensor Nodes with Submersible Pressure Transmitter

Wireless Sensor Nodes are used for frac tank level monitoring. Use of Wireless Sensor nodes allow rapid deployment and rig up of Tank Level Monitoring on the Frac Tanks. Wireless Sensor Nodes allow installation on rented tanks.


Frac Tank Monitoring with Pump System Automation

The Frac Tank Monitoring can be integrated with PumpMate Remote Pump Monitoring and Control.  A Water Transfer System can have one of the nodes configured as a Frac Tank Node.  The Frac Tank Node be used to shutdown Pump Nodes on high level. In addition, the complete water transfer system could be controlled from the Frac Tank Node. The following overview screen shows a water transfer system with 3 Pumps and Frac Tank Battery.