The SCADALink SAT130 with Ethernet Connectivity support Modbus TCP connectivity.  Native Modbus TCP support by the SAT130  enables the SAT130 to connect to Modbus TCP based devices without the use of additional gateway devices. Modbus TCP connectivity is supported via LAN and WiFI Connections.

Modbus TCP Protocol

Modern industrial control devices including PLCs, RTUs, Flowmeters, and Power Meters have Ethernet Connectivity in addition to serial RS232 and RS485  Interfaces.  Ethernet connectivity allows for network connectivity, multiple simultaneous connections, and higher speed connections. Modbus TCP Protocol is commonly supported in devices with Ethernet Connectivity.

SAT130 and Modbus TCP Protocol

The SAT130 with Ethernet Connectivity supports both Modbus TCP Protocol for pass-through modem communication and Local Polling Data Concentration over LAN, WiFI, Cellular, and Satellite Interfaces.

SCADA Host Communications via Modbus TCP

SAT130 Modbus TCP Protocol Support allows remote SCADA and Data Acquisition Hosts to communicate to the SAT130 and Modbus TCP devices connected via the SAT130. It is important to be able to have passed through communication to the device as this allows a way to test communications.

The SAT130 can be configured to allow communication to Ethernet Devices with ModbusTCP or TCP encapsulated communications as shown.

SAT130 Polling Engine/Data Concentrator can retrieve TAG data from ModbusTCP Devices

The SAT130  Polling Engine can poll Modbus TCP devices to update its internal TAG  database. The internal TAG database can be used by SAT130 to push data on the schedule, alarm, or on demand for Alarm Callout or IoT applications. Data Concentration as such can also be used to reduce the over the air bandwidth required by concentrating data so can be retrieved in fewer number of polls.  Data Concentration is specifically important for satellite based communications since there is a significant delay over satellite link for SCADA host polling.

SAT 130 as a Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU Gateway

This allows Modbus TCP Master on the LAN, WiFI to Poll the SAT130, or Modbus devices connected via RS232 and RS485.


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