In Industrial Automation Applications, there is frequently the need to transfer files from remote sites as part of the operation. The files may be data logging files, EFM history, audit logs, delivery transaction records, or even images.

At remote sites without terrestrial coverage, it can be a challenge to provide cost effective connectivity to allow file transfer operations.

FTP over Satellite/Cellular with SCADALink SAT130

The SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cellular IoT Gateway with FTP Proxy Function, can provide a cost effective connectivity solution for applications requiring file transfer. The SAT130 with dual mode satellite/cellular communications enables near real-time transfer of files from the most remote locations.

The SAT130 is ideal for mobile applications since the SAT130 can operate with omni-directional cellular and satellite antennae that do not requiring pointing or onsite setup.

FTP Proxy Mechanism

The SAT130 provides a FTP Proxy mechanism which can function both as a FTP Client or Server.  In FTP Server mode, the customer’s remote device (computer, flow computer, EFM, RTU, or weigh scale) sends files to the SAT130 which in turn can sends it to the customer’s FTP server.   In the SAT130 FTP Client Mode, the customer device can generate files to a watched fold  which can be transferred by the SAT130.

The SAT130 FTP Proxy mechanism can allows file transfer at remote sites even when there is only low speed satellite coverage.

SatSCADA Cloud Platform

The SAT130 IoT Gateway combined with the SatSCADA Cloud Monitoring Platform provides SCADA host  functions at remote sites with a minimum onsite footprint.  With the SAT130 functions such as the FTP Proxy there may be no need to install a computer at smaller remote sites . The SAT130 supported by the SatSCADA Cloud Platform can provide functionality with minimum infrastructure.

More about SatSCADA…

ApplicationsSAT130 RTU

Mobile Applications

  • Compressed Gas Delivery
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Production Well Testing

Fixed Applications

  • Water Stations
  • Well Testing
  • Fuel Management Systems
  • Video Surveillance


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