In some applications, it may be desirable to remote mount a SAT130 Gateway & Antenna System on top of a mast or a structure.

In this configuration, a SAT130 Gateway along with a multimode cellular/WiFi/GPS antenna is housed in a small NEMA4 enclosure and powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE).  This configuration minimizes the need to have multiple cables running up the tower. There may be only the need to run Power and Ethernet Connection or  Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) wiring up the mast/ tower. Mounting a SAT130 Gateway on a mast or on equipment may allow better RF coverage for cellular and WiFI signals due to the elevated antenna structure and the shorter antenna cable minimize RF losses.  PoE powered systems can make for ease of installation and deployment since the installation of a single outdoor rated ethernet cable is easier than installing the multiple antennae and power cables.

Figure 1 — SAT130 Node Powered by PoE

Figure 2 — Remote Mounted SAT130 Gateway and PoE Switch for Wireless IP Camera Systems

In this configuration, a SAT130 Gateway and a Multiport PoE switch are mounted on top of a light tower to connect to IP Camera Systems.  This eliminated the need to run multiple cables (antenna, Ethernet, and power) up the light tower boom.

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