Satellite/Cellular Based Video Surveillance

The SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modem IoT Gateway can be used for remote connectivity to IP Cameras for Remote Site Video Surveillance & Monitoring Applications.

Satellite/Cell Connectivity

The SAT130 with Dual Mode Sat Cellular Connectivity allows connectivity even in the most remote areas.  In areas of cellular communication the SAT130 can provide highspeed IP communications to IP cameras for streaming video,  video and image files. In areas without cellular coverage the satellite mode can provide ability to sen image files on demand or schedule.  The SAT130 has a FTP Proxy which can allow IP cameras to transfer image overs the satellite link.

Ethernet Connectivity

The SAT130 has Ethernet Connectivity for Connectivity to IP Cameras.

Low Power Operation

The low power operation of the SAT130 combined with use of a low power IP camera can allow monitoring of remote sites without line power. This low power operation allows solar powered packages.

I/O for Camera and Illumination Power Control

The SAT130 has digital outputs that can be used to control on power to the cameras or IR illumination systems. This function can be used to save power in applications requiring solar or battery operatoin.  Power control can be scheduled, alarm or on demand events.

Power control can be used to reboot IP camera systems if required.

RS232 and RS485 Connectivity

The SAT130 has RS232 and RS485 Ports for serial communications for interface to pan-tilt camera systems.

WiFi Connectivity

The SAT130 has WiFi Access Point function which can allow local access of IP cameras using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. This can be useful for onsite configuration or setup.

Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP Protocol

The SAT130 has Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP Protocol Connectivity so it can be used connected to PLC & RTUs at Site to connect to addiitonal onsite sensors and instrumentation.

Video Surveillance Applications

The SAT130 is can be am ideal communications Gateway for Remote Site Video Monitoring applications where periodic snapshots or images are required.  Power control allows battery or small solar power systems. Satellite connectivity allows operation it the most remote area. The SAT130 with omni directional antennae enables rapid deployment in fixed or portable applications.

  • Mobile Industrial Applications
  • Remote Operations Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Remote Industrial Site Security

SatSCADA Remote IP Camera Live Stream and Snap Shop Views

The SatSCADA Platform provides easy to use Remote IP Camera connectivity with Access to Live Video Stream and Snap Shot Views for 1 to N Cameras.


Snap Shot Image Capture and Viewing

Snap Shot Video can be triggered based on Schedule, Alarm, or Demand. Images captures using any these methods are marked (S), (A), or (D) with matching time-stamp. These images can be browsed vy the Web Client Application.

Scheduled Recording can be useful for process, security, or construction monitoring applications.

Alarm Based Recording can be triggered from security or or process monitoring sensors. Security based sensors can include inputs such as including door contacts, PIR sensors, sound, vibration, magnetic field detection (vehicles). Process monitoring sensors might include sensors connected directly to SAT130 I/O or to PLC,RTU connected via Ethernet or Serially. Process Sensors may include sensors for  level, flow, or temperature.

Demand Based Recording is can be trigger by the user on demand or while they are using Live Video Stream View to store a image at any point in time.



IP Cameras

IP Cameras

The following IP Camera Systems can be used with SAT130 Platform. These IP cameras feature digital image sensor with high image resolutions, onboard web server,  DVR storage, video analytics, Dual Image Sensor, Power over Ethernet Connectivity, and low power operation make it suitable for remote industrial video surveillance.  Each camera can any combination of 2 Day, Night, and Thermal Image Sensors.  With an intelligent IP camera architecture, remote video systems using these IP Camera architecture can support 1 to N cameras.  The integrated web server in the camera provides easily integration into video monitoring systems, SCADA Hosts, and SatSCADA.

Mobotix DualDome D15—HiRes Sensor Camera

Mobotix AllroundDual M15—Weatherproof Premium Dual Lense Camera

Mobotix FlexMount S15—Dual Lense Remote Mount Image Sensor

This S15 with remote image sensors allows the mounting and point flexibility for applications.

Explosion Proof Camera  – Class I Div 1 – with Mobotix Remote Sensor


Remote image sensors in Explosion Proof Enclosure allow application in Class I Div 1 Areas such as those in Oil and Gas Production, Pipeline Operations, and Refineries.



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