Satellite Data Logger

The SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cell IoT Gateway is the ideal platform to use in Portable Data Acquisition Systems. The SAT130 & the  SatSCADA Platform allow cost effective compact deployment for monitoring in portable data acquisition applications.

Satellite / Cell & WiFi Client Interface

Multi-mode Wireless Communication ensure easy remote connectivity anywhere in the world. The SAT130 has WiFi Client and Access Point Modes.

Integrated I/O

For applications requiring minimal  I/O, the onboard I/O (4 AI/DI/DO) can be used to connect analog (4-20ma, 1-5VDC)  and digital sensors.

Ethernet, RS232, RS485 Interface

With Ethernet, RS232, and RS485 communication interfaces, the SAT130 can interface to PLC, Flow Computers, Data Loggers, or Wireless Sensor Gateways when addition I/O, calculations, or connectivity is required for the application.

WiFi Access Point

With WiFi Access Point, users can connect to SAT130 via Smartphones.

Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP Master and Slave Interface

The SAT130 provides Master and Slave Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU Protocol allowing the interface to devices connected to the SAT130. The SAT130 has Modbus Polling Master modes that can retrieve and scale TAGS for display, alarm, and trending.

Satellite Data Logger

The SAT130 has with Scheduled, Event Driven, or on On-Demand Logging and Reporting direct to the (Cloud) SatSCADA Server.  Local Data Logging to file is supported by the SAT130 to enable logging when the device is out of range of Wireless Connectivity. In addition, the SAT130 supports FTP to transfer files from RTU and Data Logger devices with FTP capability.

Compact Size

With multiple functions in the compact package, the SAT130 enable deployment cost effective portable systems.

Low Power Draw

Low Power operation allows battery, solar powered, or AC with battery backup system operation. The SAT130 supports scheduled power control, allow power turn-on when needed important in applications where devices may be power hungry.

Remote Access & Configuration

The SAT130 allows full remote access & configuration. This can eliminate technician travels to the site to reconfigure the system or download data,  saving time, labour and travel costs.

Case Study

A Portable Data Logger system was deployed using a SAT130 combined with Wireless Sensor Gateway and Wireless Pressure Pressure Sensor to log wellhead pressure for a an Oil and Gas Service company.  The system included a Touch screen operator interface for local operator view and local logging. The system with dual mode Sat/Cell connectivity and Wireless Sensors allows rapid deployment and connectivity anywhere in the world. The use of Wireless Sensors allow easy addition of sensors at the site without hard wiring. Dual mode Sat/Cell operation ensures  monitoring access to sites anywhere.

Satellite Data Logger


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