Vibration Monitoring can be important in Industrial Applications such Pumping and Compressor Systems for the purpose of Preventative Maintenance and Diagnostics.

SCADALink SatSCADA Systems provide Wireless Connectivity to Remote Sites, to allow Remote Monitoring of Pump and Compressor Operations.

Following is example of Vibration Monitoring on a Pump System used for Water Transfer Operation.  The Vibration Sensor is connected to a PLC in the PumpMate Pump Control System.

The  PumpMate System is connected to a SAT130 Dual Mode Sat/Cell Gateway which enables the data to be sent to the SatSCADA Cloud to Trend, and Display Vibration Data.

Vibration Transmitter Mounted on Pump

Remote Vibration Monitoring - Vibration Transmitter

Vibration Trend on of VFD Driven Pump

Remote Vibration Monitoring - Vibration Trend

Interface Vibration Sensors to PLC, RTU, Data Loggers, or Vibration Analysis Systems or Direct to SAT1xx RTU

The SatSCADA can monitor Vibration Sensor directly from SAT100, SAT110, SAT120, or SAT130  RTU; or indirectly through PLC, RTU, Data Loggers, and Vibration Analysis Gateways.

Vibration Sensors can be connected via I/O (4-20ma); RS232/RS485 Serial; Ethernet; or WiFi Connectivity via SAT1xx Terminals; or through connectivity to PLC, RTU, Data Logger, or specialized Vibration Analysis Systems.

Remote Vibration Monitoring - Data Loggers  Remote Monitoring Systems - PLC

Flexible Interface to Historic Data

SatSCADA provides flexible interface to Vibration Data; by provide transparent data communications to devices. Alternatively third party application can retrieve historic data via Web Services API’s.