Single Well Oil Battery Monitoring System

The SatSCADA platform offers a cost effective solution for remote monitoring of a single well oil batteries.

A Single Well Oil Battery consist of  well site with pump jack or screw pump driven by a propane or natural gas engine, producing into a production tank.

Minimize Production Loss, Environmental Liability, and Theft

Remote monitoring of a single well battery can prevent loss production due to downtime from engine or pump failure; and minimize environmental liabilities of  stuffing box leaks and tank overflows.  Monitoring of site intrusion may prevent loss due to theft or vandalism.

Improved Operational Information

Production rates can be calculated from daily tank level measurements. Monitoring of hydraulic pressure trends can detect impending sanding. Monitoring of tank temperatures prevents tank over temperature and detect heater failure.

Single Well Battery  Monitoring

Engine Run Status – PSLTank Level – LSH
Stuffing Box Leak – LSHTank Level – LT
Site Intrusion – SWTank Temperature – TT

 Single Well Battery Monitoring - Pump Jack


 Single Well Heavy Oil Battery –  Screw Pump Monitoring

Hydraulic Pressure – PTTank Level – LSH
Engine Run Status – PSLTank Level – LT
Site Intrusion – SWTank Temperature – TT

 Single Well Heavy Oil Battery - Screw Pump Monitoring

The SatSCADA line of terminals, SAT100, SAT110, and SAT120 provide a cost effective monitoring solution for single well battery monitoring. All SAT1xx systems provide satellite communications or satellite/cellular to ensure reliable connectivity in the most remote locations. The SAT110, a battery powered system provides the lowest cost solution, and can be installed at sites without site power. Wireless sensor networks can be used to minimize that cost of wiring to tank level and tank temperature sensors and enable rapid deployment. Retrofit of hardwire connections to existing tanks may not be feasible. SatSCADA terminals can be used with the web based SatSCADA host or integrated into existing SCADA host systems.



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