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Staff Gauge Monitoring Camera

Staff Gauges are typically used to monitor river, lake and irrigation levels. Currently, companies are adding real-time monitoring by installing Staff Gauge Monitoring Cameras, this makes for safer operations and less demand on human resources.

It is becoming more common for companies to request a remote camera systems to monitor staff gauges (even when they have remote data logger/sensor systems deployed at the site).  A camera image of the remote area can help assess the severity of the level and flow conditions in lakes and rivers this gives added assurance of the actual site levels.

SatSCADA Remote Monitoring Systems can integrate sensor and video monitoring in a single web based platform that allows smartphone access. This offers a convenient solution for users in lake and river level monitoring.

Staff Gauge Water Monitoring


Features include:

  • Multi-Camera Support
  • Video, Night Vision and Thermal Camera Support
  • Level and Flow Sensor Integration
  • Solar Powered Systems
  • Portable Systems
  • Cellular, Satellite, and Radio Communications

Multi-Camera Support Each site can use multiple cameras at a single or multiple location to allow the best view of the site.

Visual, Night Vision, Thermal Camera, and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera Support  Different types of cameras are supported to ensure site conditions can be monitoring all conditions including night, windy, rainy and snowy conditions.

Solar Powered Systems Solar Power enables simple rapid deployment when power cannot be easily supplied to site.

Portable Systems   Portable systems are available for applications that are temporary or rapid deploy is required, making it very convenient.

Cellular, Satellite, and Radio Communication Multiple communication options means allow remote access is possible even at the most remote sites.

Smart Phone Access SatSCADA is designed with Smart Phone use, so users can assess the camera images from any location. The SatSCADA Platform provides easy to use Remote IP Camera connectivity with Access to Live Video Stream and Snap Shot Views for 1 to N Cameras.


Snap Shot Image Capture and Viewing  The camera at your staff gauge can be triggered by either schedule, alarm, or demand. Images captures using these methods are marked (S), (A), or (D) with a matching time-stamp. These images can be viewed through the Web Client Application.

Scheduled Recording can be useful for process, security, or construction monitoring applications.

Alarm Based Recording can be triggered by security or process monitoring sensors. Security based sensors can include inputs such as including door contacts, PIR sensors, sound, vibration, magnetic field detection (vehicles). Process monitoring sensors might include sensors connected directly to SAT130 I/O or to PLC,RTU connected via Ethernet or Serially. Process Sensors may include sensors for  level, flow, or temperature.

Demand Based Recording can be triggered by the user on demand or while they are using Live Video Stream View to store a image at any point in time.


A few of the uses:

  • Flood Warning
  • Dam Safety Monitoring
  • Pit Level Monitoring
  • River and Lake Level Monitoring

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