Battery Voltage Monitoring is important for Remote Industrial Applications that use Battery Banks for Power Backup or Engine Cranking.

Frequently the supply voltage is monitored using the internal voltage monitoring function of Controller,   RTU or  PLC.

However in some cases the PLC or RTU may not have supply voltage monitoring;  or the PLC, RTU power supply circuit is not  directly connected to the battery bank and but is connected via a DC to DC converter after the battery bank. In other cases, voltage monitoring relays are used to detect low voltage or a separate voltage monitoring 4-20ma signal conditioner is utilized.

The SCADALink RIO100 Controller can be used for DC Battery Supply Voltage Monitoring enabling both voltage alarming and Modbus Protocol connectivity. The RIO100 has an internal power supply monitoring circuit and and can provide both digital alarm contact on under voltage condition, and Modbus Protocol (Modbus RTU).

The RIO100 is simple to use. Connect the RIO100 to  the input voltage; and it is monitored. Dry contacts can be  used for out of range conditions;  Modbus Protocol is available via RS232 or RS485 from the RIO100 to read the status; or the actual voltage. The RIO100 is  approved for Class I Div 2 operation, wide temperature operation making ideal for oil and gas; and pipeline applications.

The RIO100 can be used standalone mode by only using the dry alarm contact; or in Modbus Protocol can be used when there is requirement to communicate to RTU, PLC, or remote SCADA Host systems.

The RIO100 rated for 10 to 30 VDC operation can be used for monitoring of 12 VDC and 24 VDC battery systems.

The Battery Voltage Monitoring function is part of the RIOxx Controllers line including the RIO900 with integrated 900 Mhz Radio.

DC Supply Voltage Monitoring




Input Voltage:10-30VDC
Certification:Class I Div 2
Protocol:Modbus RTU on RS232/RS485
Power Draw:24V 1 serial port active 10.5mA

13.5V 1 serial port active 17.5mA

Digital Output:N.O.  Dry Contact Output
Mounting:35mm DIN Rail





Trending and monitoring of the voltage of a Solar Power System can be important to determine battery charge levels and health of the power system.

In a 12 VDC battery system,  a battery bank reading of 12.5 VDC means the battedry bank is fully charged; 12.0 VDC 50% charges; and at 11.5 VDC it in nearly dead.  For 12 VDCSolar System at peak solar radiation the voltage may exceed 14.5 VDC during charging.

The RIO100 can be used for monitoring of 12 VDC and 24 VDC battery systems.



The SCADALink RIO100 Battery Voltage Monitor can be used for the following applications where 12 and 24 VDC battery systems are used and  monitoring and alarming for of Battery Voltage is required.

  • Generators
  • Diesel Engines
  • Remote RTU Systems
  • Remote Telecommunication Sites
  • Remote Power Systems
  • Diesel Engine Pump Systems
  • Standby Diesel Pump Systems