Wiress IO

SCADALink RIO900 Wireless I/O Telemetry Radio

The SCADALink RIO900 is designed to operate as Wireless IO, Wireless RTU, and Wireless  Modem System.

License Free 900 Mhz Wireless Point-to-Multipoint Communication

The RIO900 features license-free 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio technology providing a range of up to 20 miles.  Longer range can be achieved with RIO900 nodes configured as Repeaters.

SCADALink RIO900 wireless I/O Point to Multipoint Communications

Wireless IO

Wireless I/O Telemetry

A key integral feature of the RIO900 is its wireless I/O signal replication mode (Figure 1).  In this mode, OUTPUT modules are paired to INPUT modules set at the same module address. The RIO900 supports replication of Digital I/O (contact closures) and Analog  I/O (4-20 ma) using AI/AO,  DI/DO, or COMBO-IO Pairs. The RIO900 supports both point to point and point to multi-point I/O replication.

Figure 1
Wireless IO

RS232 & RS485 Interfaces

With both RS232 and RS485 interfaces, the RIO900 allows connectivity to field devices without additional interface converters, allowing multiple devices to be multi-dropped on the same COM port.

SCADALink RIO900: RS485 Multidrop

Wireless IO

SCADALink RIO900: RS485 and RS232

Wireless IO

Modular I/O Expansion

The RIO900 has an I/O Expansion bus which allows interfacing up to 10 SCADALink I/O Modules including the AI4, AO4, DI8, DO8, A8D4, & COMBO-IO  The I/O Modules can be easily bussed to the RIO900 via the I/O bus as shown below. Modular  I/O expansion allows compact addition of remote I/O.

Wireless IO

Modbus RTU Mode

Each RIO900 can be configured with a Modbus RTU address and polled by a Modbus Master (Modbus RTU). The Modbus Master can be connected at any RIO900 node on the network as the RIO900 Platform is a peer to peer network.

Low-Power Operation

The RIO900 is designed for Low Power Operation. The RIO900 enables SCADA communications to intelligent field devices with a minimal solar-power system. For applications with ultra low-power constraints, the RIO900 features a Power Off Mode operation where I/O modules and 24VDC Loop power is powerded down when not in use.


  • Secure configurable encrypted network
  • Failsafe operation with configurable time-out
  • 2 serial interfaces (1 RS232 and 1 RS485 serial)
  • Integrated 900 MHz Radio
  • Failsafe Shutdown I/O modules
  • Interoperation with existing SCADA traffic


I/O Telemetry

Wireless I/O Telemetry

The RIO900 is designed specially to handle situations where I/O needs to be replicated from on site to another (Figure 1). The RIO900 System can handle both points to point  or point to multi-point configurations.

Figure 1 – Point to Point I/O TelemetryWireless IO

Figure 2 – Point to Multipoint I/O Telemetry

Sometimes there is a requirement not only for Point to Point to Point but also Point to Multipoint Bidirectional Telemetry. PMP I/O telemetry systems is shown below. Inputs (1) are broadcast to Outputs (1), Analog Inputs (2) are replicated as Analog Outputs (2), Digital Inputs (3) are replicated as Digital Outputs(3).

Wireless IO

Virtual I/O Mode

An RIO900 can be configured for Virtual I/O Mode where Modbus Registers of the RIO900 are mapped to I/O values of Virtual Output Modules as shown in Figure 2.  In this mode Remote I/O is mapped to predefined Modbus Register space in the target. This enables Modbus Masters such as an RTU/PLC Master or SCADA Master to use I/O points from an RIO900 based I/O telemetry System without connecting to actual I/O (Figure 3) . This saves on wiring and I/O hardware costs.

Figure 3 – Virtual I/O

Wireless IO

Figure 2

Wireless IO

Shutdown Systems:

RIO900 for Wireless Shutdown Systems





Wireless RS485

RIO900 for Wireless RS232/RS485 Extension

In addition to IO Telemetry Mode,  the RIO900 has RS232/RS485 Serial Communication where RS232 and RS485 serial ports in an RIO900 network appear as a multi-drop serial network.  In the RIO900 System, I/O Telemetry and serial communication can operate simultaneously. Figure 1 shows systems where serial communications can operate simultaneously as I/O Telemetry.

Figure 1

Wireless IO


 Mounting  30.5mm DIN Rail
 Dimensions  114.5mm (H) x 22.6mm (W) x 99mm (L)
 Radio Communications
 Band  902-928 MHz LicenseFree
 Spread Spectrum (North America)
 915-928 MHz (Intl version)
 Tx Power  100 mW – 1 Watt
 Rx Sensitivity  -103 dBm @Hight / -106@Low
 RF Data Rate  110 or 250 Kbps
 Range (LOS)  >20 miles
 Antenna Connector  MCX
 Input / Outputs  1 RS232, 1 RS232 / RS485
 Serial  1200 – 115,200 Baud
 Input Voltage  10 to 30VDC
 Power Consumption*
 Peak Tx Current  86 mA @24V / 175 mA @12V
 Rx Current  20 mA @24V / 40mA @12V
 Operating Mode
 * – Does not include power consumption of I/O modules
 Operating Temperature  -40 to +70°C
 Regulatory  FCC,  IC, ETSI
 Hazardous Location  Class 1 Div 2, Group C, D T3C
 Suitable for use in: Class 1 Zone 2, IIB, T3


Manuals & Datasheets — RIO900 Wireless I/O Telemetry

Application Notes



The RIO900 GUI is a windows-based application used to configure, save and restore all RIO family device settings. It is connected to the RIO device via serial cable to COM port.


The RIO900 can be configured for wireless data communication operation.




Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas Service
Water Systems



SCADALink RIO900 Wireless I/O Telemetry Radio Ordering Information

1. RIO900
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
License Free 900 Mhz Wireless Modem, I/O, and RTU for I/O Telemetry and SCADA Applications.
2. Expansion Modules
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
4 Analog Inputs (4-20mA)
4 Analog Outputs (4-20mA)
8 Digital Inputs
8 Digital Outputs (Relays)
8 Point AI/DI & 4 Point DO Module
1 Analog Input (4-20ma) / 1 Analog Output (4-20ma) / 2 Digital Inputs / 2 Digital Outputs
ESD Modules
1 Analog Input (4-20ma) / 2 Digital Inputs
1 Analog Output (4-20ma) / 2 Digital Outputs
2 Digital Inputs.
2 Digital Outputs.
3. Omni Antenna Kit (Used with Master in Point to Multipoint Systems)
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
3AOmni Antenna
Omni Antenna (N Female Connector) and Mounting Bracket
3BAntenna Cable35' LMR400 c/w N-Male ConnectorA
3CAntenna Lightning Arrester6GHz, N-F Connector , Bi-directional protection
3DAntenna JumperMCX to N-Male Jumper - 3'
4. YAGI Antenna Kit
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
4AYAGI Antenna6dB YAGI Antenna c/w N-Female connector
4BAntenna Cable35' LMR400 c/w N-Male ConnectorA
4CAntenna Lightning Arrester6GHz, N-F Connector , Bi-directional protection
4DAntenna JumperN-Male to MCX Male 3'
5. Antenna Options
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
5AANT-900UHF, 902-928 MHz, 3dBi, N (F) Connector.
5BANT-CELLAntenna Phantom, Omni, 4G/3G N(F), PMT, 698-960 MHz, 1700-2700 MHz, WHT.
6. Packaging Options
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
6AAC Powered PackageAC Powered Package without battery backup.B
6BAC Powered Package with Battery BackupAC Powered Packages with battery backup.B
6CSolar Powered PackagesSolar Powered Packages with NEMA4 EnclosuresB


  1. Standard Cable Length – Order Longer Lengths as Required
  2. Packaged Systems Available – CSA Class I Div 2 or CSA General Certification

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